Checking 2009 KCPE Examinations Results Online – KNEC (Failure)

It is evident KNEC servers can’t handle the traffic.. I have tried it severally too to no avail.

I share in your frustration hoping that the public service systems will one day change it’s attitude. Kwikfix is hoping that the KNEC IT support will hear the Kenyan’s parent cry.

Find the contacts to Kenya National Examinations Council below:
020 271 3894
020 271 3874
020 271 3845
020 556 416

*Please note I have only verified the workability of only one number among them.



Printing PIN certificate and log in procedures via the KRA Online Portal, post PIN registration process

At this point we are assuming you have registered (see earlier post) and having provided a valid email address. An email will be sent to your in-box confirming the registration and log in details enclosed. These will include:

  • the PIN (to be used as the user name)
  • the password (usually a one-off password, you’ll be required to change immediately you log in)
  • the security (seal) stamp (alphabets and numerals in an attached picture file)

Step-by-step process

  • Go to the KRA Online Services.
  • Enter your PIN, Password, and Security Stamp accordingly to access the Online Services.

For the first time you Login with a password given by KRA, you will be required to:

  1. Provide security stamp: however you will not be required to give the Security Stamp for subsequent Logins.
  2. Change your password: Please ensure that your new password is known only to you. (Password should be of 8 characters where 6 of them must be letters and 2 must be numbers). Subsequently you may change your password on a need basis.
  • If your new password conforms with the guidance above, a confirmation will be displayed; you can now go to the Main Menu link.
There are various options but we are concerned with Registration Certificate for now, click on the link button labeled ENQUIRE and your PIN Certificate will be displayed.
  • At the top right corner, find a printing icon to print your PIN Certificate.
  • Having achieved our objective; you can now safely sign out your account.
For further guidance please contact our KRA Call Centre on 020 4999999, or visit the nearest KRA Domestic Taxes Office or visit

Checking KCPE Examinations Results and Selection of Candidates Online – KNEC

To check for  KCPE and KCSE exam results online, register or view the subjects a candidate has registered with the Exams Council (KNEC) and the selection of candidates to various schools.

Go to

Download Medical Examination Report (P3) – Kenya Police Service

Go to, download the Kenya Police Medical Examination form popularly known as P3. It is usually provided free of charge at all police stations. It is used to request for medical examination by a Medical Officer of Health, in order to determine the nature and extent of bodily injury sustained by a complainant(s) in assault cases.

Part I of the form must be filled by the Police Officer requesting medical examination.

Part II must be filled by a Medical Officer or Practitioner carrying out the examination giving medical details.

Section B of this form should be completed in all cases of assault, including sexual while section C is completed in cases alleged sexual offenses only.

This form is a government document and must be returned to the police for use in adducing evidence in court.

Once the P3 form is filled in at the police station, the complainant is escorted by a police officer to a medical officer or practitioner for examination.

The form becomes an exhibit once produced in court.

Download the Police Abstract Form – Kenya Police Service (updated)

Find a link to the Police Abstract Form; usually issued FREE by the Police whenever a person reports loss of property.

Go to or Download here Kenya Police Abstract Form.

It is filled giving details of the lost property. The Officer Commanding Police Station (OCS) must sign and rubber-stamp the filled form and an official receipt issued.

NB. Once this form is filled, it must be taken to the nearest Police Station for necessary assistance.

Tracking status of ID application online – Ministry of State for Immigration and Registration of Persons, Kenya

Pre-requisites: The current serial No. of your waiting card

  1. Now go to:
  2. Enter the current serial No. of your waiting Card (the first 9 digits only)
  3. Click Submit

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