Paying your Kenya Airways Ticket by Mpesa (KQ Mpesa FAQs)

Q: Who can use this service?
A: Anyone who has made a booking with Kenya Airways and is an M-PESA registered customer through the PAYBILL functionality on the M-PESA Menu.

Q: How do I book via website?
A: To make a flight booking via the website go to

Q: How do I make a flight booking via the Kenya Airways call centre?
A: To do this please call
Landline : +254-(0)20-3274747
Mobile : +254 -(0)711 024 747 or +254 – (0)734 104 747 (Chargeable Calls)

Q: How do I register for M-PESA?
A: You can register for your M-PESA account for FREE at any authorized M-PESA agents countrywide.You will need a copy of your ID card to register for M-PESA

Q: I am registered for M-PESA but do not have the Pay Bill functionality on my M-PESA Menu.
A:If you register for M-PESA but do not have the ‘PAY BILL’ option on your menu select ‘My Account ’in your M-Pesa menu ,select ‘Update Menu’ and enter your M-PESA PIN .A new menu will be sent to you at no cost.

Q: What is the Kenya Airways Business Number for M-PESA?
A: The Kenya Airways Business Number is 77 77 77

Q: How should I key in my Account number on my mobile phone when paying for a Kenya Airways Ticket?
A: Enter your Reference number in full in the account number section of the interface.e.g.Z45P2L

Q: What should I do if I make an error when entering my account number?
A: In the event that you make an error when paying for your ticket kindly contact Kenya Airways Help Desk on the following numbers:

Landline : +254- (0)20-327 4747 or +254- (0)20-327 4300
Mobile : +254 – (0)711 – 02 4747 or +254 -(0)734 10 4747 or +254 -(0)711 02 4300 or +254 -(0)734 10 4300.
Your normal call charges will apply.If calling from outside Kenya,dial country code +254 as shown above and drop the (0) in the telephone number.

Q: How much money do I send to Kenya Airways when paying for my ticket?
A:The value to be paid is the value of the ticket advised to you by either the sales person or quoted on Kenya Airways website.For example,if the ticket value provided by Kenya Airways is Ksh. 20,000 then you will need Ksh.20,000 via M-PESA.If your Kenya Airways ticket price is over Ksh.35,000 please send the M-PESA payment in two M-PESA transactions,as the M-PESA transaction limit of Ksh.35,000 still applies.For example,to pay Ksh.45,000 you could first pay Ksh. 35,000, and then Ksh. 10,000.

Q: Will ticketing for my payment be done immediately once I make my M-PESA payment?
A: It will take approximately 2 hours for ticketing to be done upon which time you will receive:

  • An SMS with your ticket number
  • A copy of your ticket number and ticket detail sent to the email address you provided when you made the booking.

Make sure that you pay for your ticket within 6 hours of your flight departure time.

Q: What if I need a Refund
A: In the case of a refund send an email to mpesa detailing:

  • Date of travel.
  • E-ticket Number or Reference Number or Ticket Number against which the refund should be issued.
  • Reason for the refund.

Q: How do I pay for my change of reservation?
A: For this please get in touch with any of our sales offices or call Call-Center on
Landline: +254-(0)20-327 4747
Mobile:+254 -(0)711 02 4747 or +254 -(0)734 10 4747
Your normal call charges will apply

Q: How much will it cost me to pay when I make an M-PESA payment to Kenya Airways?
A: Per transaction charges apply as shown.You will need enough funds in your M-PESA account to cover the charge.For example,when making payment of Ksh. 20,000 you will need an M-PESA balance of at least Ksh.20,150

Transaction Amount Charge
Ksh 100 – 2499 Ksh 30
Ksh 2500 -4999 Ksh 50
Ksh 5000 -9999 Ksh 75
Ksh 10000 -19999 Ksh 100
Ksh 20000-35000 Ksh 150

Safaricom M-PESA Customer Care: Call Line 234 free from a Safaricom Line.
NOTE: Website online flight bookings MUST be made at least 48 hrs before the flight.
*Kenya Airways Terms and Conditions Apply. M-PESA transaction charges & limits apply.


Book and Purchase a Bus Ticket on your phone or PC via

eManamba is a one-stop online bus reservation system in Kenya accessed through a computer or a mobile phone. The prospective travelers enjoy the convenience of making reservations from the comforts of their homes and offices at a time that suits them without standing in a queue, waiting on a phone line or waiting for an email to be answered.

Book & purchase e-tickets in the following east steps:


a). SEARCH: Access the website via your computer at or your phone at and choose your destination, preferred dates of travel and the number of travelers then PROCEED to SEARCH for buses available

b). CHOOSE: Your preferred bus company and time of departure and PROCEED. CHOOSE your favorable seating location in the bus and proceed.

c). RESERVE: The chosen seat by entering the personal details of travelers and the booking person and PROCEED. CONFIRM that the entered personal details for all the travelers are correct and PROCEED.


a) For M-PESA user: Access the pay bill menu, enter the Business Number, Account Number, Amount for the fare, your PIN number and send. Wait for an SMS and use the confirmation code sent back to complete your booking.

b) For Eazzy24/7 user: Press *127# and Call, Enter your Eazzy24/7 Mobile PIN, choose option 2 for funds transfer and proceed to send money to Sakura’s registered mobile no. Use the reference number displayed on the screen of your mobile phone to complete your booking.

c) For ZAP user: Access ZAP menu, select money and choose to phone option. Enter the given phone number, Enter the amount of fare, Enter your PIN and Send. Wait for an SMS and use the Transaction ID sent back to complete your booking.

d) For eManamba Scratch card user: buy your scratch card from authorized eManamba dealer. Enter the card number and the access code to complete your booking.


Proceed to transaction confirmation. If your transaction is successful, please take note of your receipt number and press PRINT TICKET to print. A copy of the same ticket will be sent to your mail box for future reference and printing purposes elsewhere if you may not be having a printer.

*For customers using eManamba scratch cards, please buy the card before you start booking.

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