How to register for Orange Money

Orange Money is a money transfer service that is mapped to a bank account to allow customers access financial services using their Orange mobile phone numbers. Orange Money Service is hosted on Equity Bank’s mobile banking platform which gives the customers the convenience that comes with a bank account.

  • Visit any Orange or Equity outlet
  • Carry your original ID
  • Fill in the Orange Money Application form
  • You will receive an SMS informing that your account has been set up with a 5 digit PIN

If you have an existing Equity account, you do not need to open a new one to access Orange Money – you can just link your existing account to Orange Money. If you are a new customer, then the registration process is quick and easy – you just fill a one page form, either provide two photos or have an agent take your photo. Your application will be sent to a central processing centre and once successful you will receive an SMS with your 5-digit PIN.


  • Access to money transfer services through your mobile phone
  • Mobile money transfer facilitated directly from a bank account
  • Access to financial services through over Equity Branches, Orange Shops and Orange Money Agents
  • Access to mobile money transfer through over 550 Equity Bank ATMs
  • Access to Orange Money debit card to pay for goods and services at shopping outlets
  • Free registration
  • Access to credit facilities on application
  • Interest earning account

Transactional Features

  • No minimum operating balance
  • Cash deposits into your account at no charge
  • The standard bank withdrawal limits apply

Orange Money Services

Orange Money allows customers to access the following services:

  1. Deposit money
    • Deposit money into your Orange Money account through an Equity Branch, Orange Shop or Orange Money Agent.
  2. Send Money
    • Send money to registered Orange Money Customers.
    • Send Money to non- registered Orange customers from other mobile phone service providers including Zain, Safaricom and Yu.
    • Send money from a Equity bank account
    • Send money to an account in another bank
  3. Withdraw Money
    • Withdraw money as a registered customer from an Equity branch, Orange Shop or Orange Agent
    • Withdraw money as a non registered customer from an Equity branch, Orange Shop or Orange Agent.
    • Withdraw money from an Equity ATM using a one-time code.
    • Withdraw money using an Orange Money debit card.
  4. Make Purchases
    • Purchase airtime from your bank account or through the ATM.
    • Purchase airtime for your phone or another Orange subscriber.
    • Purchase between 10/= and 10,000/= worth of airtime.
    • Purchase goods and services at select outlets using the Orange Money debit cards
  5. Pay Bills
    • Pay bills for Orange services, electricity, water, HELB and DSTV.
    • Request for bills.
  6. Manage Payrolls
    • Pay your employees through the Payroll services
  7. Repay loans
    • Make your loan payments through your phone
  8. More Requests and Enquiries
    • Enquiries in the account.
      • Account balances
      • Mini statements
      • Current Forex Rates
      • Current Stock prices
    • Requests in the account
      • Full statements
      • New cheque book
      • Stop a cheque
      • Stop a card
      • Request for Money from a friend
      • Invite a friend to register for Orange Money
    • Account Maintenance
  9. Change Orange Money PIN

More details and clarifications

Call the Orange Money Contact Centre on 1434 from your from the Orange line or 020-2221434 from any other network and ask for clarification.

Or see FAQs :



Introducing M-Kesho, an initiative by Equity bank and Safaricom Ltd

What is the M-KESHO?

This is a bank account introduced by both Equity and Safaricom where customers can earn interest from as little as Kshs 1.  Customers can withdraw cash from their Equity Bank Account to their M-PESA accounts and customers can also deposit through their M-PESA accounts to their M-KESHO Bank account

Other features of the account include Micro credit facilities (emergency credit availed through M-PESA), Micro insurance facilities as well as a personal accident cover that translates into a full cover after 1 year.  For one to open this account, the person must be an M-PESA subscriber.

Main features of M-Kesho:

1. Micro-savings:

  1. Interest at the following rates paid half yearly:
  2. + 0 – 2,000 – 0.5%
    + 2,001 – 5,000 – 1%
    + 5,001 – 10,000 – 2%
    + 10,001 and above – 3%

  3. No minimum balance
  4. No ledger fees
  5. Neither notice nor penalties on withdrawal.
  6. Max value/trx – Kshs 35,000. Currently following up with CBK on revision of maximum trx limits.
  7. Mini statement (max 5 transactions)
  8. Balance enquiry available

2. Micro-Credit

o Ksh 100 – Ksh 5000
o Application fee (LACE) 10% but at a min charge of Ksh 20.
o Advance period – max 30 days
o Default interest penalty 3% of value.
o Recovery from next deposit
o Credit transferred from M-KESHO into M-PESA e value

3. Micro-insurance Product – Personal Accident related

  1. Annual premium:
    1. Kshs 530 if annual
    2. Ksh 830 if monthly
    3. Ksh 1030 if paid weekly
  2. Accidental Death cover: Kshs 150,000
  3. Permanent Disability: Kshs 150,000
  4. Medical expenses: Kshs 30,000
  5. Funeral expenses: Kshs 20,000
  6. Payable only from C4 account
  7. After 1 year it is upgradable to full life insurance

What you need to access this account:

  • You need a mobile phone
  • You need to be a registered M-PESA user
  • You will need to fill an application form at selected  outlets

Requirements for opening the account:

  • Fill an application form
  • Produce your original ID and a copy of your ID (Passports and other forms of identification will not be allowed to open the M-KESHO account)
  • 2 passport size photos

Depositing money into M-KESHO:

  • Equity account holders can transfer money into their M-KESHO from their normal accounts.
  • You can also transfer money to your M-KESHO through M-PESA
  • You will not be able to transfer money to your M-KESHO through the tellers/Cashiers

Contacts for M-PESA and EQUITY:

  • Call Equity +254-711-025000
  • Send an E-mail to mpesa@

Tarrifs for YuCash – a product of Yu Kenya

Step by Step guide to paying your ticket to Kenya Airways by Mpesa (KQ Mpesa)


Repaying HELB Loans through Zain ZAP

HELB loanees can now repay their loans through Zain money transfer service ZAP.

On your phone, go to ZAP

1. Select ME2U
2. Select money
3. Select nickname (in this case nickname is HELB)
4. Enter amount e.g. 5000
5. Enter your secret password.
6. Confirm the transaction.
7. In the reference section, enter your national ID number.
8. You will instantly receive confirmation via sms from Zain.

Sending money to any mobile network in Kenya – Zap, Zain Kenya

1. G to Zap menu
2. Choose Money option
3. Choose “To phone number” option and enter the recipients phone number
4. Enter amount
5. Confirm transaction
6. Enter your 4 digit Zap password and press OK / Send

The sender will receive a confirmation SMS with the following information:
-Transaction ID
-Amount sent
-Recipient’s phone number
-Zap balance
-PIN number

The recipient is required to go to the nearest Zap outlet or Zain center to withdraw the money received.

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