KQ Flight Status

KQ h
ave introduced a new enquiry feature ‘Flight Status’ on their website www.kenya-airways.com.

You can access this feature from any device with internet connectivity. This includes your phone, tablet, laptop, etc.

Follow the 3-step process is as shown below.

Step 1.

Enter www.kenya-airways.com and select ‘flight status’ as indicated by the black arrow.

Step 2.

Enter flight number in the box provided e.g. KQ101 and press the ‘Find’ button.

Step 3.

View your search results. The results will indicate :

· Flight Number

· Aircraft Type

· Origin

· Scheduled Time of Departure

· Estimated Time of Departure

· Scheduled Time of Arrival

· Estimated Time of Arrival

· Actual Time of Arrival and Status

If you encounter any difficulties, get in touch with Contact Center (24hrs) on +254 0711 02 4747 or +254 0734 10 4747 for further assistance.

Kenya Airways


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