KCSE 2010 top 100 candidates nationally

Find the top 100 students nationally.

Click to Download here the order of merit by Provinces

Click to Download here – TOP 100 Candidates Nationally

(Credit: Capital News)


50 thoughts on “KCSE 2010 top 100 candidates nationally

    • still don forget the efforts of the young upcoming Darajambili sec.Congrats 4 your good results men.keep it up!

  1. schools like starehe have been shown dust this shows victory is not for particular class/group why no single student from northern kenya is in the top hundred slot?

  2. Big congrats to the Kabarak High for their great improvement. It is my dream that next year will be a great performance,cheer up my next to Heart people.

  3. My gratitudes goes to the Staff of Masii Boys. Thankyou for your cordial support during my brothers’ hard times in school. Well done Bundi.

  4. Bravo… Thomas N Ndaba for your exemplary prformance. God has really been faithful to your hardwork & prayers. Being counted among the top 100 nationally is a rare fit. Hurray Mangu High for molding him

  5. congrats my nephew Osoro……im pround talking about you to Canadians….Maseno tutors well done for the tireless job….

  6. Congratulations to Kabianga High School for the momentous improvement and sterling performance. You have won the trophy of ability to perform even better. kudos

  7. Quite sad.The giants are down this time.Can they tell us what changed this time round.Teachers were transferred or Mwaks haikutoboa? I wonder.

  8. Nyeri high you’ve taken position of starehe boys.CONGRATS.infact u have made us proud.

  9. with the council expecting large traffic in its site, i thought they can be a little proactive and create another just for those logging on for results.

  10. St. Albert Ulanda Girls!! mmelala nowadays, even top 100 students girls none can appear? woi woi why dont u girls check the past records. mnakula sana shule

  11. Hi,I am really disapointed to the http://www.knec.ac.ke website which every kenyan has to rely on for candidate results and yet it can not load the home page.

    This is with no apology for we (kenyans) need to know what we have done.

  12. Well done to Butula Boys Secondary School.You are just on your way to the top Ten Nationally

  13. please, poeple of nyanza and nort-eastern, educate the female child for your devt in the future.

  14. Well done to those small schools that have finally defeated the so called OUR HEROES.Actually with God anyone can make it,Halelluya!

  15. it seem that these time round starehe hakukuwa na any leakages. owe unto them…they’ll soon be defeted by Thiru Sec…huh!!!

  16. kwani starehe imekua maembe aje. How can it not appear amongst the top 10 in a province. ama is it becoz there was no leak

    • thats how fake kenya is, they can’t get first working websites, leave alone that, KRA website its a disaster, HELB a disaster, where are we heading and all these things work in hand

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