(As Usual) KNEC Website down

As expected the KNEC website (www.knec.ac.ke) is down. Repeatedly it has never been able to handle the traffic generated by anxious parents and students.
What a shame given the fact that the traffic was anticipated. This is the 3rd year running and nothing seems to be done on these outages.
To the anxious parents and students, I feel sorry for you and sincerely empathize.
The only option left is to SMS index number to 5052 and hope that the traffic subsides to enable you get the feedback tomorrow.

Kind regards
EM Njoroge
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19 thoughts on “(As Usual) KNEC Website down

  1. Being trying to access some results and the response is ‘Invalid index no’.I am disappointed.KNEC is a mess and they should come out and say that the technological integration is a no-no because they are offerring crappy services.

  2. its very irritating for someone if he want to check her results in knec website u need to improve.

  3. I was able to access the results for several hours but later on the website got clogged.

  4. The remedy 4 the problem of net has 2 be taken serious otherwise the Ksh 2o charged has 2 be used 2 solve the problem

  5. its a shame and they expect the education system to change? they are not serious can the clear this mess ASAP? they have enough time to prepare for this day. thanks for your concern.

  6. its very unbecoming to learn that most of the guys r not straight forward towards their struggle

  7. Too shameful for the third year running KNEC services are still horrible, too bad. am disappointed

  8. Lousy service! Technology is so cheap these days, why can’t they invest in better systems????

  9. Why is the minister for education even mension knec websites as one of the options for checking results while its completely useless?we deserve a better services.

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