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8 thoughts on “Talk to Equity Bank anytime (Equity Bank Contact Centre)

  1. very bad service , i was tossed around in mama ngina branch and Buru buru, nobody wants to attend to you fully and nobody seems to know who is suppossed to do what , they keep reffering you all over the place i went to more than six counters and all i wanted was to transfer my account.

  2. I would suggest the Asset Financing Section be revamped with people who have an idea about proper customer service. What there is right now is a bunch of quacks who can not give a factual information on the status of an application. You will be made to beg for an eternity even after you have signed the bank’s offer letters.

  3. i would like to know why while making advitisiment in the media,you makes look very simple exercise.When you go to apply for that loan you find a very rigorous exercise.why do you do this and maybe the applicant has all documents

  4. Hello,
    My name is Robert Kinyanjui […….] from Kisii county .
    I have been banking with you since year 2008 and am currently working with […….]please talk to me and help because am really in need of this loan.

  5. To get an overdraft of ksh4000while i hold a salary account from equity bank i have to produce 3 recent payslips?? Hey be serious coz other banks are going your way and it seems you are going their way. Consider losing some loyal customers.

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