File your complaints / suggestions / compliments to KPLC online

Kenya Power & Lighting Company (KPLC) have re-modeled their website (and hopefully embraced a more efficient & timely response programme).

You can now file your complaints / suggestions / compliments to KPLC by going to:


Email, or call the KPLC Nairobi Call Centre & Branch Business Heads, get their contacts here:

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16 thoughts on “File your complaints / suggestions / compliments to KPLC online

  1. hi , i paid for new connection id no 5468730. and my it was given to a contractor almost two months ago , pliz do help me cox when i call him he keep telling me i am coming tomorrow or we have no poles at the kisii branch . I will be greatfull to meet our assistance. contact no 0723911784 . AM also your former staff no 3817.

  2. I’ve been using ebill to check my electricity bill to.does it steel work ?also I ttried to register via mail to kplc inorder to receive my monthly bill but it failed

  3. emergency line for mombasa not responding.
    black out in nyali today near cinemax since 6:30pm.
    kplc mombasa is not doing us favour for we are paying for what we consume. wake up and give service. stop being lazy.

  4. Whats wrong with you pple how can there be no electricity in marani for four days now ingekua ni bill mngekua mmekatia mtu stima your not serious nkt hebu kesho u mend wat ua supposd to mend o mek

  5. Am so tired of this new pre paid service being offered.we are spending a lot of money for very little units.on top of that we have stayed without power for a week and a half and everyday after calling they keep saying ‘we will send smbdy to solve the problem’ what the hell is up with this fake meters!they should just return the old system.this pre paid is a way of stealing people’s money and the services offered are poorer than poor!

  6. it is a bit disgusting when meter readings have not been done for the last 6 months or so. bills are paid on estimates and once kplc makes readings, the bill is exorbitant and unbelievably high. can you please instal for us the prepaid service. i cannot fail to mentions the numerous times we are on power outage for hours. KPLC services are at times very disgusting. is this due to monopoly???? its sad for Kenyans who are celebrating jubilee. I am a consumer at Muguga

  7. I have been getting my power bill through e-bill service. I used to get prompt responses. These days I hardly get any response. Is this service still available?

  8. am tired of kplc due to their very poor services and again they provide their services depending with your location. If you are complaining from poor region, you will wait for respond forever. If you are complaining from a region for the reach, you are likely to be attended though the service given is still very poor.
    Kplc you are not serving us free. We are paying heavy for this services. If you don,t change your attitude, very soon you will have yourself to blame.
    I can’t mulika mwizi because of the treatment I get from kplc despite of alot of money am paying kplc.

  9. sadly i was asked to give my account no,which i did as 155282,the intention of this has not been understood considering am stil on your daily boring menu of blackouts,truly ua profesionalism is laughable unles maybe you run a cartel here that retails power,ua action can only be intrpreted as pushing genuine customer2embrace the cartels,they alwes hav power!you run emergency line with respondents who cant mashal a team in the night,the fastest they respond is over12hrs.if yu dnt hav power,ua cartels

  10. Helo power pple,tiz amazing ur inability to solve power problems dspite this being ur field.some vi blocks are on ur routine night blackout menu for over6mnths now.dspite my daily complaints,mediocrity has met me with great measure,ur revenue peopel neva wasting time2disconnect forgeting that power is requirement in income gneration.its amazing how monopoly can inflate our egoes&compromise our efectivnes.wheres value4 my money

  11. What does one have to do when one wants to get a connection from kplc and how long does it take to get connected? I am a concerned Kenyan because I applied for connection about six months ago and this has never happened. I have called Nyeri office and no help has been forthcoming, what do I need to do?

  12. what really really hapens that makongeni must always witness a blackout especially a few vi blocks?smthing fishy,cant be evryday and you call yourself ISO compliant

  13. a new resident of makongeni estate in nairobi in my4th month.i inherited a bill which i comitted to pay,in return what i xpected was gud service from the company,intead what av witnessed is one blackout after another exposing the level of mediocrity,incompetence&posible corrupt intent,for how does power disapear routinely an hour after your crew visit on a daily basis for last they dliberately underate the fuses!give me value for my money&let not monopoly be your refuge its iritating

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