Orange Money – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Orange Money?

Orange Money is a money transfer service that is mapped to a bank account to allow customers access financial services using their Orange mobile phone numbers.
Orange Money Service is hosted on Equity Bank’s mobile banking platform which gives the customers the convenience that comes with a bank account.

2. What is the difference between a “mapped bank account” and a “stored value account”?

The “mapped bank account” solution relies on the banks platform and processes and the phone is just an access channel. This means that all the banking functionality with less stringent limits can be applied on the phone.
However a “stored value account” solution has e-money is issued by the bank- to be transacted on the phone. Since the platform switching the e-money is handled by the operators, there are limitations in terms of how much can be transferred (controlled by the regulator) and functionality.

3. Why has Orange taken this approach in Kenya?

Due to the advanced nature of the mobile money transfer market in Kenya, Orange is taking a differentiated approach to take money transfer to the next level by offer a richer solution that combines the benefits of money transfer and mobile banking.
This is the first real convergence between a telco and a bank and has exploited features that are the first of its kind in the world.
Orange Money has already been launched in 5 other countries in Africa and is being rolled out in 19 countries in Africa and the Middle East.

4. What is the partnership with Equity Bank?

Orange and Equity Bank in Kenya have a strategic partnership on the technical solution and distribution of Orange Money. The partnership is also intended to extend to other countries in France Telecom’s footprint in Africa.

5. Why Equity Bank?

Equity Bank has a strategy to work with like minded ICT partners to in their quest to one day bank all of Africa’s unbanked people. Both companies will leverage on each other’s customer bases and jointly expand to address the unbanked market. Kenya has over 18m customers of which only half are banked.

6. What are the Benefits of Orange Money?

Convenience – You can directly access your bank account from your phone and can send money to any mobile phone network and any bank using your phone.

Security – Unlike the traditional mobile money transfer solutions you can store unlimited amounts of money and your funds have deposit protection. Transactions are subjected to the processes and procedures of a bank.

Time-efficient – Currently you incur a cost to move money from a bank account to a traditional mobile money transfer system, after which you have to pay additionally for sending money. Time and effort is also required to deposit money via agents into a traditional mobile money transfer system.
However, with Orange Money, you transact your bank account using your phone, thereby saving time and energy.

Rich functionality – Since real bank accounts are transacted using the phone as an access channel, limits are higher than traditional mobile money transfer solutions. To protect customer interests, we have set the current limit at Sh. 100,000. You can also minimize errors of transactions by using the phonebook lookup to access the receiver’s details.

Easy Registration – If you have an existing Equity account, you do not need to open a new one to access Orange Money – you can just link your existing account to Orange Money. If you are a new customer, then the registration process is quick and easy – you just fill a one page form, either provide two photos or have an agent take your photo. Your application will be sent to a central processing centre and once successful you will receive an SMS with your 5-digit PIN.


  • Access to money transfer services through your mobile phone
  • Mobile money transfer facilitated directly from a bank account
  • Access to financial services through over Equity Branches, Orange Shops and Orange Money Agents
  • Access to mobile money transfer through over 550 Equity Bank ATMs
  • Access to Orange Money debit card to pay for goods and services at shopping outlets
  • Free registration
  • Access to credit facilities on application
  • Interest earning account

Transactional Features

  • No minimum operating balance
  • Cash deposits into your account at no charge
  • The standard bank withdrawal limits apply

7. What are the services offered under Orange Money?

Orange Money allows customers to access the following services:

  1. Deposit money
    • Deposit money into your Orange Money account through an Equity Branch, Orange Shop or Orange Money Agent.
  2. Send Money
    • Send money to registered Orange Money Customers.
    • Send Money to non- registered Orange customers from other mobile phone service providers including Zain, Safaricom and Yu.
    • Send money from a Equity bank account
    • Send money to an account in another bank
  3. Withdraw Money
    • Withdraw money as a registered customer from an Equity branch, Orange Shop or Orange Agent
    • Withdraw money as a non registered customer from an Equity branch, Orange Shop or Orange Agent.
    • Withdraw money from an Equity ATM using a one-time code.
    • Withdraw money using an Orange Money debit card.
  4. Make Purchases
    • Purchase airtime from your bank account or through the ATM.
    • Purchase airtime for your phone or another Orange subscriber.
    • Purchase between 10/= and 10,000/= worth of airtime.
    • Purchase goods and services at select outlets using the Orange Money debit cards
  5. Pay Bills
    • Pay bills for Orange services, electricity, water, HELB and DSTV.
    • Request for bills.
  6. Manage Payrolls
    • Pay your employees through the Payroll services
  7. Repay loans
    • Make your loan payments through your phone
  8. More Requests and Enquiries
    • Enquiries in the account.
      • Account balances
      • Mini statements
      • Current Forex Rates
      • Current Stock prices
    • Requests in the account
      • Full statements
      • New cheque book
      • Stop a cheque
      • Stop a card
      • Request for Money from a friend
      • Invite a friend to register for Orange Money
    • Account Maintenance
  9. Change Orange Money PIN

8. How do I access Orange Money?

If you are a new Orange customer and have the Orange Money SIM, you can access the Orange Money menu by accessing the Orange Services application on the SIM.

Existing Orange customer who are registered for Orange Money, can access the menu by dialing *144#. They can also swap their SIM card for the new Orange Money SIM, which can enable you to access the Orange Money menu by accessing the Orange Services application on the SIM.

9. How do I register for Orange Money?

  1. Visit the Equity Branch, Orange Shop or Orange Agent outlet as listed on the Orange Money website and advertised from time to time
  2. Fill in an Orange Money application form. Provide a copy of your ID or Passport. If the outlet does not have photo capturing facility then two passport size photos will be required.
  3. Once your account is activated, you will receive an advice notification.

10. What is the Orange Money Debit Card?

This is a co-branded card between Orange and Equity, the first of its kind in Kenya linked to a phone. This means you can either use the card or the phone to withdraw money from the largest ATM Network in Kenya. You can also use the card to pay for goods and services at retail outlets.

11. Where can I get Orange Money?

Orange Money services are available at all Equity branches, Orange and Mobicom shops and Orange and Equity are currently building an extensive agent network, targeting over 10,000 agents.

12. What are your targets?

The opportunity is to convert our existing combined subscriber base of over 6 million customers to use Orange Money as well as penetrate the unbanked population who have phones.

13. Can I get Orange Money on Wireless/CDMA?

Currently, Orange Money services are only available on GSM, but early next year we expect to enable it on CDMA, making the service available extensively within Kenya.

14. Can you send Orange Money across networks?

Yes, you can send money to numbers on other networks as long as they are able to receive an SMS from the Orange network. To send money you will need to register for Orange Money service.

15. What is the difference between a registered Orange Money customer and a non-registered customer?

An Orange Money customer’s SIM-Card has Orange Money ‘active’ menu and is able to carry out the services described in Orange Money. A non-registered customer is one that is from another mobile network or does not have Orange Money on his phone. He can only withdraw the cash sent to him from an Agent within 7 days and not from the other channels offered since he doesn’t have the menu.

16. Why have you launched an account associated with Orange Money?

We have launched this product because Orange and Equity Bank would like to offer more convenience to their customers. Orange customers will enjoy mobile banking services and access to a wide network of Agents to transact from. Equity Bank customers will enjoy the Agent network offered through Orange money and save time and money when they want to conduct their banking services.

17. Can I use Orange Money if my line is expired?

You cannot use Orange Money if your line is expired since Orange Money is dependent on the Orange SMS service. However, if your line expires you can still top up your airtime to activate the line.

18. Can I access my ordinary Equity account via Orange Money enabled SIM card?

Yes you can. Orange Money is powered by Equity Bank and hence connected to the platform. You can deposit money, repay loans and access other financial services from your Equity Account through Orange Money.

19. I already have a bank account; do I need this account as well?

If you are already an Equity bank customer you can link your current bank accounts to the Orange Money service so you can be transacting through them. If you feel you don’t need another account you can simply use your existing account.

20. I already have an account at Equity Bank; can I save in it using Orange Money?

Yes you can. With Orange Money, you can access any of your Equity Bank accounts. Once you link your primary account to Orange Money, you can send money to all your accounts using Orange Money.

21. If I am not a registered Orange Money user, can I withdraw funds that have been sent to my account?

Yes you can. You only need to have the sender’s details and authorization code to withdraw the funds from an Orange Money Agent.
However, it will be more cost effective for the sender if you register for Orange Money in case you keep receiving Orange Money transfers.

22. Can I send money directly to people who have Equity bank accounts instead of sending money to their phone numbers?

Yes. You can send money to a bank account so long as you have the bank account number.

23. Is it possible to transfer funds from my other Equity accounts to my Orange Money account?

Yes. You can transfer money from your other Equity bank accounts to your Orange Money Account. To do this, go to ‘Bank Transfers’ menu, select from ‘My Equity Account’ and choose the ‘Equity Account to debit.

24. What should I do if I get a message I do not understand when I make a transaction using Orange Money?

Call the Orange Money Contact Centre on 1434 from your from the Orange line or 020-2221434 from any other network and ask for clarification.

25. What happens if I lose my mobile phone and have Orange Money on my phone?

If you lose your mobile phone, your Orange Money will be safe. All transactions have to be authorized using your PIN.
Contact customer services on 1434 and have the account stopped immediately. Once you buy a new phone, you will be able to do a SIM Swap and reestablish your Orange Money to access it in the normal manner.

26. How do I unblock my account?

You will be required to fill in a reactivation form at the Equity Bank branches to verify your identity.

You can also call our Contact Centre to unblock your account. You will be asked security questions to verify your identity. Your PIN with then be reset or regenerated depending on the reason why it was blocked.

27. How do I check my Orange Money account transactions?

Using your Orange phone,

• Select ‘Orange Money’ menu, then
• ‘My Account’, then
• ‘Mini Statement’.

Enter your PIN to authorize the transaction and wait for an SMS confirmation message. You will receive another SMS from Equity Bank showing the last five transactions in the account.

28. If I send money to the wrong account, how do I reverse this transaction?

If you send money to the wrong account, contact customer service on 1434 to have the money reversed. You will be asked security questions which you must answer before the reversal is done. The reversal will take 72 hours before reflecting in your account.

29. Am I charged for the SMS Alerts?

No, you are not charged for the SMS Alerts. Transaction SMS Alerts have been designed to inform the customer on any transactions carried out on the account.

30. What happens when the Orange Money customer is deceased?

Letters of administration need to be provided for any transaction to be carried out in these accounts

31. How do I close my Orange Money account?

Fill in account closure forms at any Equity Bank branches.

32. What happens if the number I want to register Orange Money with has been inactive for more than 6 months?

After 6 months, inactive Orange lines are deactivated. The customer has to reactivate his line before registering for Orange Money.


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