How to withdraw money from ZAP account thro’ a Pesa Point ATM ~ Zain Kenya

You can withdraw money from ZAP via Pesa Point® ATMs:

#On your phone
*Go to Zap Menu ->Me2U/Zap ->Select "Money" ->Select "To Nickname" ->Enter Pesa Point
*Enter the amount to withdraw (e.g. 2000) ->Confirm the transaction ->Enter your Zap PIN/Password ->Reference Option (Leave blank) ->Click on Send or OK option
*You will receive a 6 digit authorization PIN code e.g. 255444 through SMS (use the code at the Pesa Point ATM)

#On Pesa Point ATM
*Press the Zap menu (button) ->Enter the 6 digit authorization PIN code (received via SMS) & press "CONTINUE"
*Enter your Zap PIN number & press "ACCEPT"
*Choose the amount to withdraw; alternatively press the "OTHER AMOUNT" button.
*You’ll see a confirmation message displayed on the ATM & also receive an SMS.

# From 200 to 5000 -> 40
# From 5001 to 10000 -> 80
# From 10001 to 20000 -> 160

Note: For every withdrawal you earn 10% bonus airtime valid for 7 days only on Zain to Zain.


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