(On Offer) New Orange Data Bundles

Orange is running a promotion valid until 24th October 2010 from 24th September 2010, that will see its current data rates slashed by over 50%.

Here are the current rates:

Old Bundle (MB) 50 100 200 500 1GB 2GB
New Bundle (MB) 100 200 400 1GB 2GB 4GB
Value (KES) 150 250 450 850 1500 2200

For more info visit http://www.orange.co.ke


6 thoughts on “(On Offer) New Orange Data Bundles

  1. I may sound rude but please forgive me for saying that I am greatly disappointed because Orange could not sell me bundles. I waited for more than 24hrs for them to sell me data bundles but all was in vain.
    Could you please show me another faster way of getting bundles other than #123#bundle amount and then send to 430? Am asking this because I needed the bundles urgently but was failed by this service.

  2. Customers that are using broad band need also a reduction. We have been faithfully paying 3000/= per month and we need a refund

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