Activating Orange Kenya 3G+ Data plan

Recharging and managing your data plan via SMS

First ensure that you have data bundles in your dongle (3G+ modem). To recharge via SMS, With EVDO modem, send new text to 130. SMS content: *130*[PIN]
Then buy Internet bundles; to buy bundles send a text to 430. SMS content: #123#[bundle size in MB] e.g. for 100MB, send #123#100 to 430
You are ready to roll, to confirm your balance send a text to 131. SMS content: 131
Hit  the connection button to connect!

Recharging and managing your data plan via the Internet everywhere 3G+ portal

Type in your user name (telephone number) and password (PIN code) and a verification code (Captcha image).
On the home page the following information is available:
My Profile
Top Up Account
Purchase Bundles
Transaction History
Session History
Change Password

How to recharge your account

Go to “Top Up Account” then input the appropriate number.
*In case you have a top up card with a Card ID and Card Password kindly input the Card ID+Card Password For Example Card ID: 12345678910 and Card Password: 12345 then you will in put the information as follows 1234567891012345

How to buy bundles

Go to “Purchase bundles” then choose the bundle you want, then click “Purchase”

How to change user details

Go to “My Profile“, click on “Update details” and in put or change any of your details
Call 121 for issues with data or email and the issues shall be resolved. You must indicate your names, contacts and properly describe the problem.

7 thoughts on “Activating Orange Kenya 3G+ Data plan

  1. this orange pple arebecoming crooks how on earth can i recharge my modem minutes letter when i call them to inquire why am not able to acces the purchase window am shocked to be tod that my balance is 2 shilings are they bieng honest to their customers or are we beeing fleeced

  2. my issue is with ”Recharging and managing your data plan via the Internet everywhere 3G+ portal
    Go to

    I am unable to access my account. keeps on saying either my pin is not correct (and I am sure it is) or the code is not correct. my nr is 0208187673. I am using onother modem to access internet portal since the above has stopped working abruptly. If oranage wishes to call me, you can reach me on 0720009172 or 0731435156. Have called customer care with the orange nr above but he could not understand me due to noise and dropped the line asking me to call later, Thanks

  3. I want to load bundles but i cant remember the uim no. Am away from home and my laptop usually just writes it without me writing it.What do I do?

  4. Haven’t they slashed their prices by half? Browsing based on bundles is rather expensive. If you are constantly on the internet, 300mb may not last a week, especially with downloads as part of your plan…
    i think the bamba unlimited offer is what we’ve been waiting for. Orange should do the same.

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