FOR YOUR INFORMATION (FYI) : Traffic interruptions on Wednesday 25th August 2010

Dear all,

Due to a full rehearsal parade in preparation for the Friday’s celebration of the promulgation of the new constitution. Police have announced that, the following roads will be closed on Wednesday 25th August starting from 0300hrs to 1000hrs:

  • Uhuru highway,
  • Halie Selassie Avenue,
  • Kenyatta Avenue &
  • Valley road where military hardware will line-up for the parade

A major traffic buildup is expected on adjacent roads that may well spread into the better part of the morning, we therefore advise staff to use alternative routes if they can or set out earlier than usual.

The main dais area at Uhuru Park will be closed to the public as from Wednesday 25th to Thursday 26th August. Any attempts to cross through this area may lead to arrests and unpleasant confrontation by the police. Police have also announced that persons attending the ceremony will be required to undergo searches.


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