Info on purchasing Safaricom Internet (data) Bundles

Data Bundles

  1. What is the validity of the data bundle ?

All Safaricom data bundles are valid for 90 days. To extend the validity period, purchase another bundle of your choice.

  1. How do I check balance of my MB/data ?

Send the word balance to 450 from the Safaricom line and an sms will be sent to your line with the balance.

  1. Can I purchase bundles on my phone?

Yes. Data bundles can be purchased on any safaricom pre-pay line.

  1. What are the bundles available & How do I purchase a data bundle ?
Data Bundle Bundle Cost (Ksh) In Bundle Rate/MB Ksh Out of Bundle Rate /MB Ksh Short Code For Activating Bundle
40MB 250 6.25 8 442
100MB 500 5.00 8 443
300MB 1,000 3.33 8 446
700MB 1,999 2.86 8 447
1GB 2,499 2.44 8 448
2GB 3,999 1.95 8 449
3GB 4,999 1.63 8 451

3 thoughts on “Info on purchasing Safaricom Internet (data) Bundles

  1. We love Safaricom but it appears we customers are being taken for granted.
    All other networks have unlimited bundles (daily unlimited) but since SAFARICOM is committed to milking
    its customers to the bone-the customers must pay to the last bundles.
    How does that sound?
    Edwin Odembo 0725720155

  2. you are more expensive !! how do u expect i spend ksh 4999 for 1.63 &for orange is ksh 850 for 1.7 budles ?.am your best customer with five cellphone line of safaricom but abut to migrate .do somthing

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