Common and useful terms used on the data industry

  • Internet-Sometimes referred to as the net, is a system which enables people to communicate with one another via email and access information available on websites e.g.
  • Browser-An application used to access internet sites. E.g.,
  • Fiber Optic-A technology for transmitting data which is less susceptible to interference and carries more data than metal cables.
  • GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)-A network used to send and receive data to mobile devices e.g. phone or computer. One can achieve speeds from 56 to114Kbps on GPRS.
  • EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution)- An enhancement of GPRS network which allows mobile users to experience higher speeds upto 236.8 kbps.
  • 3G-3G refers to the third generation of mobile telephony technology which provides more bandwidth capacity and enables users to access more diverse applications e.g. access faster speeds on internet. One can achieve speeds of upto 7.2Mbps on Safaricom 3G Network.
  • Broadband– High rate internet access.
  • Data-Pieces of information formatted in a special way e.g. text.
  • Browsing the internet-Accessing websites while connected to a service provider.
  • Modem-A device that enables a computer to access the internet e.g. Safaricom Broadband Modem
  • Data bundle– An internet package which acts as a means of reducing the cost of accessing internet by way of purchasing usage in bigger volumes.
  • Out of Bundle-Accessing internet on pay as you go basis i.e. load airtime and access the internet without having to purchase a bundle.
  • WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)- A secure connection that allows users to access information instantly via mobile phones such as Nokia 1608 e.t.c
  • Bit– A bit is a basic unit of information storage and communication e.g. the word “Safaricom” has 9 bits and the number “0722100100” has 10 bits.
  • Byte-Collection of bits make a byte.8 bits = 1 byte e.g. the word “Safaricom” has 1 byte.
  • Kb (Kilobyte)-Collection of bytes make a Kilobyte. 1024 bytes =1 Kb.
  • Mb (Megabyte)-Collection of kilobytes make a megabyte. 1024 Kb= 1 Mb.
  • Gb (Gigabyte)-Collection of megabyte make a gigabyte. 1024 MB=1GB
  • Internet Enabled Phone-A mobile phone that can access the internet using WAP.
  • Email-Transmission of messages over the internet.
  • ChatReal-time communication between two users via computer or a phone.
  • Messenger– Messenger is an all-in-one communication tool, and anyone, anywhere in the world, with a computer and Internet connection can use it .
  • Download– The process of retrieving information from any computer or website to your phone/computer.

2 thoughts on “Common and useful terms used on the data industry

  1. Not to be too fussy, but technically:

    Kb = Kilobits, KB = Kilobytes
    Mb = Megabits, MB = Megabytes
    Gb = Gigabits, GB = Gigabytes

    Generally, a small “b” denotes bits, whilst a capitalized “B” denotes bytes.

    To try to explain a little further, if I have a 512Kbps (kiloBITS per second) connection, then my theoretical maximum download speed is 512/8 = 64KBps (KiloBYTES per second). Hope that makes sense 🙂

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