Shopping online via SokoPepea

What is sokopepea?

Sokopepea is an online market where one can purchase, order goods/services.

How does sokopepea work?

Visit select an item, click "add to cart". Your goods an their prices will be displayed on the right column of the page. After shopping,click "go to shopping cart" make neccessary adjustments. Click "proceed to check out". Fill in your personal details and choose your mode of payment. PS. Cash on delivery is only for certified members.

How do I pay for purchasing goods/services?

Send your money through MPESA or through ZAP

  • 0726956848
  • 0733339960

How much is the delivery fee?

Delivery fee is kshs.30

How am I assured that my goods/services are delivered after I have made my payments?

A text message will be sent to your phone number to confirm your purchase and the same text message

Where can I enjoy sokopepea services?

Nakuru Town, Kabarak University, Moi Kabarak High School and The community around.

Sife Kabarak Phone : 0726956848 | Email : duka


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