Pay NHIF premiums via M-Pesa

*Go to M-Pesa menu
*Pay Bill
*Enter BUSINESS NO. 200 222

**Call Toll Free 0800 221 3564 incase of further details


7 thoughts on “Pay NHIF premiums via M-Pesa

  1. Think innovation..Think Softcall …We have the solution
    What is the mobile money Integrator?

    MPESA Realtime Integrator seeks to make payment for service through MPESA prompt,Instant and Real time. It adds to the list of online payment solutions with the likes of MASTERCARD and VISA. Think of booking a local flight and make a payment by MPESA and there has to be no one at the office for you to proceed to the plane after printing your e-ticket.

    Think of you paying a bill for your electricity and you don’t have to wait for 48 hours for your account to be updated to avoid disconnection.The integrator will interface with any billing system to allow for instant payment and updating.
    rm_enable Think as a company not having to login to the MPESA module to download the file to enable you update your accounts with the payments received.The integrator will do this for you seamlessly with no user intervention.The MPESA integrator will save lots of time spent in reconcialation and manual updating of bulk MPESA payment.

    Speaking to head of Systems of an Insuarance Company, she expesses how easy it would be for her to implement it for one of the products where clients pay premiums through MPESA.How she will now create for customers their online profile and have them sent their contributions and see it through the integrated CRM.

    Where does it integrate?

    Mobile money is gaining momentum with every GSM company trying to offer extra services to its subscribers.So what are the application points?

    Online booking for reservation with prompt payment through MPESA, e.g Buy airline tickets,Book your Hotel room and pay through MPESA promptly.

    Pay your bills online or pay and receive prompt updating of your accounts. The receiving company will send you confirmation including your balance.

    A you an investment company where customers have to make contributions buy MPESA? If yes, here is the solution to enable prompt payment and account updates.

    Online shopping Mart where you want customers to be able pay for items through MPESA..The Integrator will do it all accept payments and release items on payments.It can be integrated with online shopping carts.

  2. To me NHIF is the most inefficient organization i have ever dealt with.we are in informal sector and we approached NHIF to be advised on how best we can be making that regard we were given a code .our suprise was after we have made the contributions three months down the line no effects were done in the system and yet money has been paid .As much as we complained it fell on deaf year .This organisation requires an overhaul

    • I lost my reciepts,my membership card has no acount number.I want to start using m-pesa.Is there a possible way that I can access the service without having to travel to NHIF offices.

  3. How can one enter his/her ID No. as the ACCOUNT NUMBER and yet the M-pesa programme allows one to enter only letters (not counting numbers) for that option .Advice’
    ERIC M.

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