Activating the Orange Kenya Unlimited Internet Offer

Experience unlimited Internet every 7 days on the only 3G+ network all over Kenya at only Kshs. 990

How to Activate Unlimited Offer:

Internet Everywhere:

  • SMS #123#unlimited to 430
  • Dial #123# from your EDGE/GPRS enabled phone and then respond to 3 on “Offers and Promotions” then respond 3 “Unlimited Internet Bundle”

Internet Everywhere 3G+:

Go to then Input User Name (02020XXXXX) and Password (XXXX) then go to Services then Available Packages then Purchase the Unlimited Package 7 days – EVDO


9 thoughts on “Activating the Orange Kenya Unlimited Internet Offer

  1. i beg to differ with some of these comments..I am currently using this Unlimited offer on my 3g+ modem and the speed is fast enough..compared to other networks…but I have two problems:
    1. the price is too high for just one week..make it 14 days or more..I think from basic Economics you might end up making more money out of that. keep disconnecting me 6 days after subscription and then when I call customer care some rude piece of ………. answers my call trying to prove to me that from 12th 9:00 am to 18th 9:00 am is seven days..train them in good customer relations..oh..and counting!!…
    3. yeah i know I said I had 2 problems..but jus remembered another one…your accounting department is slow in correcting problems in billing..I have been having those of late and all I get is a reference number….

    Thank you

  2. dear orange kenya i thank u very much 4 the unlimited internet but i highly suspect my modem is not 3g or even a g damn this thing is super slow ata haina network eish am from state house avenue and you people need to put something up around here

  3. Nice offer Orange Kenya. But, I have lived in France, and I know that you can provide better offers as far as internet unlimited services are concerned. Why don’t you up grade it to a month at a convinient offer. Come on…, 1k per week is too high.

  4. Dear Orange,
    Am here by submitting my complain about limited service for internet done by safaricon on DEC 2010(UNLIMITED).
    Dear cares I therefore, appreciated if my request is highly welcomed, demanding Orange unlimited service for internet service. so long I live in an isolated Network Caverage Area for internet service(I mean Safaricom Mode Operates.)
    In case if there is Unlimited internet service for orange I would highly welcomed for being amembership.


  5. Dear ORANGE,
    Please we inform you that we have been SAFARICOM mode internet customer for the last 3 months(Unlimited internet), but have decided to shift FROM safaricom To Orange, because we are un able to use the limited internet for safaricom due to financial crisis.
    we highly welcomed in case if there is UNLIMITED network service for Orange, so that we joined the unlimited internet service for orange.
    Your earlier reply is highly appreciated.


  6. The internet is terribly slow. I don’t advise anybody to waste their money on this offer. and for just 7 days? please!!! You’d rather use Zuka.

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