Service Delivery Standards and Timelines on services at KPLC

KPLC have come up with standards that have clear time lines on their various services:

Quotation after application of Supply

  • requiring meter only – 7 days
  • requiring low voltage extension (metered at 230V) – 14 days
  • requiring medium voltage extension & or transformer (metered at 400V) – 28 days
  • requiring connection at high voltage (metered at 11KV, 33KV, 66KV) – 45 days

Construction period after payment

  • requiring meter only – 3 days
  • requiring low voltage extension (metered at 230V) – 14 days
  • requiring medium voltage extension & or transformer (metered at 400V) – 45 days
  • requiring connection at high voltage (metered at 11KV, 33KV, 66KV) – To be agreed

Reconnection after disconnection

  • reconnection for non-payment – within 24 hours

Account closure and deposit refund

  • disconnection on request for account closure – within 24 hours
  • deposit refund upon closure of account – within 14 days

Unplanned supply Interruption


  • System/ transformer malfunction – up to 8 hours
  • Trees falling on lines – up to 8 hours
  • Fallen pole – up to 10 hours
  • Vandalism – to be agreed

Customer queries

  • Query/ complaint in writing – resolution / response within 7 days
  • Other queries & complaints (walk-ins, emails, phone) – resolution / response within 7 days

Approximate connection cost for low voltage requirements

  • Customers within 600 meters from transformer (single phase) – KES 35, 000
  • Customers within 600 meters from transformer (three phase) – KES 45, 000

**Customers beyond 600 meters will be served through Umeme Pamoja group schemes and should contact their respective Marketing officer / Branch Business Heads.


18 thoughts on “Service Delivery Standards and Timelines on services at KPLC

  1. Am happy with kplc service they are very slow to connect power but very faster to collect money

  2. first of all i would say i am very dissapointed with the way kplc handle deliver their service they are so happy to collect your money but yet they take time to come and connect the electricty and before it happens you will have people in their office asking you to bribe them so they can spend up what need to be done its a disgrace and all of us Kenyan public we need to fight for this becouse this people are paid to do their job yet they still want bribes and they dont even do what is required of them.

  3. I paid ksh 34980 ref no. E231020120807970 in sept yet no power upto now. Your timelines are unrealistic

  4. I wish to complain about electricity account No.2038755 I operated in Rongo town up to 2002. In the year 2002, I got a transfer to Kisumu and filled a disconnection chit at KPLC Kisii Office. I discovered that No disconnection was ever effected in 2009. I then promptly traveled to Kisii KPLC offices and was advised to fill another disconnection chit.

    In 2011, I discovered that the account has never been disconnected and is still active. A Bill of Ksh.12,350.00 was transferred to my Kisumu account! Surprisingly, when I visited the shop which I used to operate in Rongo town and where the said meter was, the meter was missing and the Landlord had a brand new meter. The new meter was mounted at an entirely new location. My meter which was in a corridor is missing, his meter is now directly in front of the shop. My Landlord now operates the business himself and does not want to hear my complaints.

    I have visited KPLC offices in Kisii town, Homa Bay KPLC offices where I even lodged a written complaint but nothing has been done. The meter is still active and I get bills but nobody knows where the meter is connected. Computer reference still indicates the meter is at the shop which has a new meter altogether!

    KPLC, is your Service Charter operational? Who connected the new meter at Mr. Nyandiga Ondiwa’s premise? Mr. Ondiwa has no PIN but used some one else PIN to get connected! Is KPLC condoning corruption? For how long shall I pay some one else BILLS? WHO WILL EVER HELP ME?

  5. KPLC is a dead and corrupt ,I appeal to the gov’t to pass a law to sue any company in court if it does not provide vide the service charter.I paid my money on july 2010 but up to now nothing has been done.Can Lumumba investigate this?Does the company have management?Can’t they resign?

  6. Talk of a frustrated customer and am one.I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this.Sometimes in 2008 i used to get very low amount for electricy bill i didn’t know what was happening then.After some time i received one huge bill of 17000 when i went to complain i was shamelessly told that kplc staff were not reading the meter so my low figures were estimates had to pay the 17000.My issue is i have tenants in the plot and when the the huge bill came the ones who there before had move and so had to settle it all by myself.From January this year the same thing started,low figures.I reported at the head office since i didn’t want the same thing to happen.I went there every month for four months but as you know kplc staff are so rude and never willing to help in fact one of them went to an extent of telling he was not going to help me.I went back in the beginning of may-the fiveth month and lucky enough someone helped me he told me that my meter could be faulty but i needed confirmation from a kplc staff.He sent me to a branch office which covered my area and me gave a certain number which i was supposed to give to the branch so that they could generate an order saying that my meter is faulty.At the branch they refused to give the order and went there 3 times before they sent someone to check my meter.They promised to replace it and did it after quite sometime.The most painful thing is at the at the end of last month i got a bill of almost 10000 an after complaining was told the same thing they were not reading the meter and the person who installed the new meter didn’t register the meter number.They told me the only thing that could be done is to spread the amount so that i could pay in bits in two months time i had to really beg so that they could make it three months.The tenants who were there before had left and so am at it again paying the bill all by myself.My qsn is for how long will i pay for someones laziness even after complaining that my bill amount was wrong for almost an year the same thing happened again.Someone gets his salary for not doing his job while i go ahead and spend my salary to pay for electricity i didn’t consume.If i didn’t have tenants that’s different thou its very inconveniencing but now.I have already paid 27000 for nothing and don’t know how much i will pay next time.I believe the management can do something.

  7. Stima was disconnected from huruma behind redemed gospel church from the pole.its dues have been paid and yet it has not been reconnected. residents are wondering why this is so and when it will be back. Everybody has their own meters n we are wondering why power was cut from the main pole while its only one meter that hadnt paid.we are so frustrated customers

  8. Service Delivery Standards for KPLC is a big joke going by the tedious exercise of trying to get new connection after fully paying the connection fee and having wiring done.O/Rongai new connection clients are getting a row deal.
    Why do one need to pay the KPLC team in the field for new connection without a receipt? Do we have managers employed at KPLC to make sure their employees are delivering the service as per the standards set to satisfy their clients.Why does the tax payers monies being used to pay the kplce people salaries yet they again want to demand cash from us before serving the people of Kenya?

  9. Do they even care, they are comfortable with hefty salaries doing nothing, this should surely go to KACC, the bitter part is that the so called region managers don’t answer phones, they don’t respond to emails. What does this mean? They are party to corrupt service men/women.

  10. Apply for stima loan and see, you finish paying your bank loan before you have power connected. Well, when all is said here, i wonder if KPLC ever read this blog, what their formal complaints site / phone number

  11. I think Kenya Power needs a revolution. I applied for power in May the quotation is not yet out. My neighbour applied and within two weeks he had power in his house. I think there is deep rooted corruption happening here.The lady in-charge of Chieko Mwiki area has been requesting for a map despite the fact that the map was already supplied and I am 20m away from the supply. KACC needs to have a visit to KPLC offices.

  12. If there is any public office that is corrupt, it is this one. Service delivery timelines are provided, regional heads contacts are provided, but who cares, their cellphones go unanswered, they don’t respond to emails, a sign that they are aware of what their juniors do. It’s apitty at this age and era of how a public office operates

  13. I paid an amount of 34,980 on 29/06/2010 for a connection to a premise hardly 10m away from powerline and nothing has happened til today,Payment receipt authenticate number is E21132010060431 issued at O/rongai.What is happening with your service delivery?.Isnt it not a low voltage connection which only takes 14 days as per what u ave written>big jokers,u r loosing revenue!

  14. E21132010031152

    this Service Delivery charter is a big joke, i paid for a new connection almost 2 weeks ago and nothing has happened so far

    i attempted to make a follow up on it and it costed me over Ksh 500 of airtime being tossed from one phone extension to another without proper answer e.g being told that “a wayleave is needed” and yet my house is just a drop off away from the nearest distribution pole

  15. It all remains to be seen if you are commited to this charter…. which i doubt.
    I paid for a supply connection way back in February 10th. Since then , no construction of the same has been made. Could someone in KPLC tell me what is going on with Appliction E22122010020132.

  16. We have our account 2866744 – 01 ref:1403496 reported 8:00am in the morning, made several follow ups without any progress.
    We have been complaining to service delivery mombasa that our line is of 3 phase and only1 phase is available the response “we have many breakdowns and yours is among the waiting list we have other complains for the last 2 days we have not attended to, therefore you have to wait”
    We are in a service industry like yourselves but I think because of monopoly you can afford to get away with such treatments.
    We tried most of your number are not being picked except 0725513558 and that is the kind of feed back we are getting.

  17. I do not thInk you are really serIous on thIs servIce charter. Is It the charter whIch Is Important or the servIce rendered? I have waIted for three weeks now sInce I paId for supply of power. After two weeks the lIne was put and I was told to waIt for the meter the next day. Its now a week sInce then. Am tIred.

  18. I think u people your telling has lie because paid my power line at meru banch ,last year October, but up to now i haven’t be connected RE;E25302008100238, Plot no 606, kanyakine market,

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