YU Kenya Internet Data Bundles Pricing

YU Kenya is about to launch its data plan; check out the pricing below. The YU modem will be retailing for Kshs 1,799 a-piece.

yu Proposed Bundles MB
Price in Kshs Validity To Subscribe
Unlimited Daily 49 1 Day *154*1#
Unlimited Monthly 999 30 Days *154*2#

Existing bundles will still be in place.
The subscriber will have to subscribe for the bundles using the XXXXX string e.g.
*154*1#  to subscribe for the unlimited daily plan

yu Proposed Bundles MB
Price in KSHS
To Subscribe
30 Days
Data 100MB or 100MB
30 Days
Data 250MB or 250MB
30 Days
Data 750MB or 750MB
30 Days
Data 3000MB or 3000MB or 3GB

Terms and conditions;

  • Purchase of modem will be at Kshs. 1,799/=.
  • The data out of bundle rate will be Ksh 3/= per Mb.
  • Registration through assigned short codes will be required for this promotion .
  • The subscriber has to ensure they have airtime on their data lines in order to enjoy these data service.
  • The bundles will be valid for 30 days
  • Upon expiry of the period the unused MB will be reset
  • Should the customer subscribe to a new bundle before the validity expires, the unused MBs from the previous bundle will be added on to the new bundle and the validity then renewed for another 30days.
  • All other prepaid terms and conditions apply

65 thoughts on “YU Kenya Internet Data Bundles Pricing

  1. YU, you’ re the best but try as much as possible to advertise your offers.

  2. i just subscribed for the monthly unlimited from yu but this silly people from yu are telling me i can no longer use an unblocked safaricom modem because of the new changes fuck yu i already have my 1k in my account and i can do nothing with it coz i have a safaricom modem fuck yu anyone else having the same problem?

  3. YU finally lost some of its customer base with the removal of the daily and weekly unlimited from modem access.The new data bundle plan is not appealing.But still we have no better option yet..so do something about your speed and connection.Like today i can’t seem to do anything for one minute before being cut off!

  4. I lovd u b4 ryna u suck since u come up wth tht new 157 thng sa u jst charge my dwnloads on my a/c instead of my subsription….en wen i cal th customer jst gv me some crap bout wch fon am usng wen i subscribed…jst av no clue bout internet..,nqt hw th hel do u expect me use 25 mb if aint evn able to dwnload….

  5. of what use is it to us for YU to give us an offer we can’t benefit from? YU is cheap considering they are selling nothing. safaricom rocks YU guys suck big time! i was trynna download a porno movie from YU but at this speed the download will have completed by the time i am married.

  6. YU, sounds to be pocket friendly. You only freeze the MBs of the remaining MBs on the expiry date validity and reset upon any amount you top up. Ornge is opposite of that. Orange minces all the remaining data. I am victim of 1,177 MBs loss. / JUSTIN OSEY PETER.

  7. Despite the low speed, at 49 bob or 999 a month, YU is the most affordable ISP and no other company has come any closer.Safaricom only tried the 999 monthly unlimited monthly bundle as a promotion and quickly backed off.I hope you guys are doing something about the speed.Lately,there is a slight improvement.Also, you need to strengthen your network signal in some areas of Kisii.Goodwork.

  8. we need the modem speed to be stable so that the internet can be efficient when browsing…please look into that…

  9. Thank yu for the daily bundles for the 50 bob but the speed is to slow and sometimes it take hours to connect even upload\attaching a mail is a disaster please improve on your speed other wise you are not doing bad keep up

  10. You are simply the cheapest in the market, but your speed needs some improvement, i use the unlimited for one month retailing at Kshs. 999/= Keep going guys.

  11. Yu should just say that 4 50 bob u get 100mb per day instead of saying they have a daily unlimited plan 4 50 bob, which is actually not the case!

  12. truly yu you’re the best in both data and even calling rates, but your GPRS settings takes a ot of time and it would be better if you improve your speed. but considering the time you have been in the market, keep it up and we love your services.

  13. I used to subscribe to daily unlimited and do stuff without any hitches. I am at the moment not able to enjoy the service at all. The network does not conect for hours…..after a while it just stops. Calls to customer care which requires alot of patience coz it takes ages for the call to be picked tells me that i have used up my 100mb. Why says unlimited when it is 100mb daily?

  14. GSM Internet Access on 2.5G (EDGE) shall always perform, but only to a maximum of 80kbps (8Kbps). In areas that the Internet Access Provider (IAP) has really assigned higher resources, the speeds may go slightly up. Note however that, the service (internet) uses the same network that is being as well utilized by Voice. If you happen to be in an areas where voice usage is high, expect your data experience that may not be so good. This statement applies to both 2.5G Network and on 3G. 3G however handles traffic much better, hence better experience. All the best in your choice! I am reachable on fastwebke@live.com

  15. I am in Kenya.
    Want to connect my laptop to the wireless Internet.
    Tell me the requirements in terms of price, gadgets required and place to acquire them.
    Need this urgently within less than a week.
    Hope to hear from you again.

  16. YU is AWESOME!! but we need more speeds PLEASE 😀
    YU should probably get 3G or WIMAX for upto 2MB or more 🙂

  17. its the ultimate mobile network for voice,data and banking services.Just into the market and already causing shock waves.Bravo YU!

  18. maze YU twawasihi mtufahamisha wakati internet itarudi stable state, coz kila siku tuna loss 50bob bila kutumia hoping net iko sawaz but wapi 3 weeks now? we are wondering kwani the upgrade you said you were undertaking became a down grade to us?
    we are anxiously waiting mturudishia (pande za kikuyu). thanks.

  19. wajameni, YU is superb at pricing but SPEED is letting YU down. the truth is that even with a high speed modem, the speed is never mo than 20kb/s and even then, its never ever stable. it mostly tends to move DOWNWARDS than up. But again, with a few tricks here and there, we can live with it: maNERD mnanipata au sio. nwayz, trick moja ni kudownload offpeak hours kama very late at night(na kushinda ukilala job the following day). but YU have tried kiasi ya edge. try upgrading to 4G. mtaduu wonders. or even link us to FIBRE. I know YU can. Hoping sm1 blogs here from YU. HEHEHEHE

  20. I had given up on Yu internet because of the speed, but this week the speed has been amazing where I live. Could Yu have done something about it?

  21. yu go for Get what you want yu are one of the best networks in Kenya
    My quiz on how ican Sambas credo
    make it easy for regestration of you cash subscribers
    How do i please call a friend?
    And how to top up another no.?
    how to bank with mobile?
    We love you servises

  22. I find YU to be the peoples choice because I use the 49/= daily bundle which serves me quite well BUT they should try to work on the speed, and that will be superb!
    YU, give them a run for their money on the internet services, only if you increase the speed.


  23. toooooooo slow,very slow indeed.please do sth & i guarantee u tht u will have more subscribers hence moire profits…………..

    • According to what I hear from safaricom adverts running all over every site accessed within Kenya in the past few days is that 999 like the (nainai) will only give you 300MB of data and after exhausting it you will still be able to access the internet but at a reduced speed of 32kbps till the end of the month.

      Thank you!!

      • After the exhaustion of the 300MB bundle ,however, the connection keeps breaking up every five seconds until you load up your balance or buy another bundle. Its not as good as it seems to be.

    • You have to unlock your modem to accept all lines. If you can do it yourself then you will save yourself from paying someone to do it for you. if you can’t you will have to pay like between 200-500 for the service.

      thank you!!

  24. Too slow is the YU network internet comkpared to orange and safcom so at the long run cheap nds up being expnsive i hope they do something sooner rather than later

  25. How do i check my balance from the modem.
    Av bn using safcom,which turned so cruel,
    our saviour is here BUT try do something on speed

    • if you are using safaricom modem with YU line then it is not possible to check your current balance using your modem because of the incompatibility on the software. Try removing your line from the modem and inserting in your phone to check the balance.

      thank you!!

  26. I did not know how yu works, but after trial I found out YU is the peoples provider for internet services.

    However on very few occasions did it fail to work possibly due to low dowload speed.


  27. You have improved. I had actually gone back to safaricom. At least today the connection is not frustrating – not breaking any howly! and the speed aint so bad. Continue improving the internet network and all of us will belong to YU!

  28. YU is starting to fail us and we are not happy with it. 256kbps is not a speed someone can mess with. 256kbps can connect 5 computers accessing the internet at a very acceptable speed. But YU is not giving us what we deserve. the speed is good but the quality is garbage. Tell YU management we want consistent flow of data not some garbage shooting up to 100kbps for 2 seconds and flatten to 0kbps for the next 10 minutes. poor, poor, poor service

  29. As far as I’m concerned, Yu is good. They have excellent rates over all but their internet service is deteriorating. There were times when their speed would reach up to 25kb/s but now it barely reaches 3kb/s. I cant even download anything because connection keeps breaking. If only they could do smthing about the speed, they dont necessarily have to switch over to 3G, ok, we would appreciate a high speed down link wireless data connection but if only EGPRS works the way it should, that would be good enough.
    Thanks though.

  30. YU are da best. YU know what? Which other service provider could swallow the pain of 49 dimes going down the drain? That’s why we feel YU is the most compromising……..

    • The other ISPs are keeping the cost high for some reasons and not because of the cost of connecting to the internet. mwananchi branded zuku is offering the same service at 1499/= per month even though their service is limited to some areas. Safaricom which has sucked billions of KES from kenyans for years is not helping at all because not everyone likes browsing on that small phone screen. zain on the other hand has a small net(omena net) hopping to catch sharks with it and last but not least is the last born YU, 999 a month but if i show you graph images i captured showing the down and up speed for the last 10days, man its a disaster. Orange Kenya has a 256kbps service at 2999/= a month same speed with YU or ME (whichever name suits your mouth) but their quality is good, i mean good. consistent data delivery. people complain of the speed. It is not the speed it is the quality (consistent flow of data).

  31. Is YU becoming satisfied with the subscriber base it has as of now? If it is then that would be ridiculous. Why am I saying this? Well, for the last one week there has been no links at all. If at all there are, links appear like 1 minute and flatten to 0 kbps for a very long long time before it comes back again. This is frustrating. Did YU Essar miscalculated the cost of offering Internet services or is its rival company tampering with their internet services? I can’t tell, but time will tell and if it doest or as we continue to wait for time, those of us who are monthly subscribers it’s a pain in the pocket?

  32. Yu, you’re superbly the best in terms of reception/signal strength and fair charges of all other networks here in Kirinyaga East District…
    I also enjoy your recent offer of unlimited internet subscription of 6/= per 20MB.
    However, you need to improve your internet speeds as it is too slow than before…
    Kudos for the splendid job and God bless!

  33. when lastly did you update this site. Sometime back in june or may i called them and they said they charge now charge 10/- instead of 3/- for each 1mb while browsing, on all bundles. Pls say something!!.

  34. Hi you are doin us great keep it up the same spirit in you uncongested network in kenya.chaooioooo

  35. Yu is the best option so far in Kenya offering cheapest internet rates. However, something should be done on the speed. Sometimes, the speed is dangerously slow making me to stoop over my laptop as I wait for the page to open. Unfortunately, the message I get is, “Connection was Reset” or “Page cannot be displayed” or “the internet connection not found. Please check your internet connection” Yu, we love you, but try to help us get out of the problems. You can deliver us from over-exploitations other ISPs are doing on poor Kenyans. Waiting for your response!

  36. I’m a safaricom user. But recently I got a htc g1 phone and its very internet demanding. I’ve recently been moving form saf, to zain to orange and yet I don’t feel satisfied with. I have come to yul and if what I read is true and the 49 per day realy exist then I think I found the right one. Pls let me know weather I can subscribe to it without being a prepaid member. Just give me guide on how to go about this.. take care all.

    • I have been roaming just like you from safcom,orange,zain and finally yu and i can promise you, this is not the solution. twice i have tried the 5o bob per day but i dont even use it for a second,besides wasting my time refreshing the pages.You even call their customer care and all they start asking you is what type of modem are you using?stick to Safaricom,its expensive but ever reliable 24/7.

  37. Here in Mumias seems like network is spoilt needing a quick fix, si yu come do it since our unlimited data subscriptions are limitlessly being lost together with our patience, Pleeease?

  38. true your r the best but,,,,, in the middle of a download i get connection error,

  39. Do these bundles work? I subscribed to the unlimited 1 day bundle some time back. The Ksh 49 was deducted, but when I connected to the internet my credit was being deducted from the phone.

    • yu unlimited works fine. i have discovered that their unlimited ends exactly at 12.00am so if you subscribed to 1 day unlimited regardless of what time you subscribed it ends at exactly 12.00am and you will begin using your unused credit.

      • Actually, they start deducting airtime a few minutes TO midnight and don’t automatically renew your daily subscription, so your airtime gets deducted where you thought your subscription will sort you out. Apart from that, their service is great and affordable. I even moved to the monthly plan

    • I have subscribed for the 100MB bundle but when i connect to internet it instead consumes the credit on the phone and stops when its gone. What is the trick here? Is there any fault in the connection?

      • Frankly, I have never heard of YU 100MB bundle. I know only of two types of YU internet subscription the first one is 1 day unlimited and another one month unlimited.

  40. I love this network……….Ksh 49 for one day…….u r the best

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