Moving houses? Procedures in closing your KPLC electricity account

Closing your electricity account
It is important to close your account when vacating premises to enable new occupants open their own account(s). Closing your account checks fraudulent use of electricity in your name.

How to close an electricity account
To close your account you will need:

  • A copy of your National Identity Card
  • For corporate customers, copies of their Personal Identification Number (PIN) certificate and Certificate of Incorporation will be required
  • Your account number

Please follow this procedure when you have fulfilled all the above requirements:

Step 1:
Fill in the Cancellation of Supply Agreement Form after paying all the outstanding balances.

Step 2:
The Customer Service Assistant at the query counter will advise if any of your deposit is refundable. Subject to whether you have any outstanding electricity bills.

Step 3:
KPLC will visit your premises to disconnect the power supply.


One thought on “Moving houses? Procedures in closing your KPLC electricity account

  1. Very useful information. You need to tell us how to open one when you move into a new premise. I also think landlords in Kenya should encourage their tenants to open their own instead of having them use the landlord’s.

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