Ways you can interact with the City Council of Nairobi

The City Council of Nairobi

Interestingly the City Council of Nairobi has a website and a blog. How updated they are I leave to you to judge. You can also reach them via the Customer Care phone lines.

Customer Care Telephone lines:

  • 0725 624 489
  • 0735 825 383
  • 020 344 194

Blog: http://blog.ideasfornairobi.org
WWW: http://www.nairobicity.go.ke

*Not to be confused with http://www.nairobicity.org/ that shows Dickson Wathika as the Mayor and John Gakuo as the Town Clerk.

**Sadly the blog which is supposed to be the most dynamic and current was last updated in November 2009.


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