KNEC website down, KCSE 2010 Results

If you happen to visit KNEC website where parents  & guardians were adviced to go to in order to retrieve their kins results, you’ll be greeted by this screen:

There are currently too many people connected to the website. Please try again.

For faster results, write a short message service (SMS) by typing KCPE followed by your index number and sending the message to 2228.

Please also try


189 thoughts on “KNEC website down, KCSE 2010 Results

  1. KNEC are idiots…first they make a useless access database to register candidates made on access 2003….the same database has a button export to create a .dll file apparently to make a registration file that is to be uploaded to the KNEC website….its all good but the thing is they should use their fuckin brains. i mean the system is created on XP platform and they go and document in the systems manual that u need a computer with vista or higher and microsoft office. well am using win7 and office o7 and the database cannot create the damn .dll file as described kz oh yeah….they did it on XP so u have to create the damn .dll file on a windows XP platform….Morons!!! to make matters worse the damn registration file created aint worth sheet kz i viewd the file using notepad and one record is only displayed…imagine that!!! All in all they have good ideas but don’t have the capacity to implement them like their damn website….i mean whats the cost of a well functioning high powered server to deal with the traffic? what are all the taxes people pay for!!!? if u really want something done on the site you have to access it at night. i pitty the schools in the remote that are being forced to adapt into this system with no knowledge on computers whatsoever!

  2. what do you do for bright students who shine in there exams but lack a helping hand

  3. knec should do everything possible to release certificate for diploma in teacher education
    we needs jobs like you

    kagumo- kibabii

  4. we are actually unhappy about the results of 2010. ongeri should ensure to put such measures of moving from school-school just to update himself on the wellfares of the students. moreso in high school. pliz concentration in politics at this time of academic era NO and STOP IT sir

  5. watoto sio wapumbavu but the style the exam is marked i tel u vibaya sana
    pliz legeza kamba ya entry

  6. I like the system but at least we should make a bit accessible. Like uploading a file through knec website has become too difficult. Password changed can not go through why. Update your format please we like it but a bit embarrassing.


  7. This is a worn out examination body.Your website doesn’t contain the information you give to the audience.You have given your contacts but once asked qn through them no answer.regulate your systems or hire people who are conversant with technology

  8. pliz knec its matter of technology,the phone networkn is expensive pliz post the results on the net its cheaper for the poor citizens

  9. knec r so unfair. dey have undermarked us, then gave us ma Y 50+ .dats da ryzon why we ( kabaa high ) took it to streets. 2nataka haki yetu

  10. i am very sincere to congratulate cardinal otunga mosocho-class 2010-God bless the school since they are back on track,teachers too ,non teaching staff,parents&guardians at all-the principal 4 da goodwork and the support of students themselfs.

  11. Am happy on how things happened because many have been saying kuna ubaguzi in marking now the top schools are not at the top any more why most of the students and even parents think being in a well known school will aid ones performance which is wrong. So this has made many know it is hard work that will make you pass not where you are schooling from so which is to happen next year we are still watching

  12. its such e nic day,results,rain en more blessin bt they dint perform wel like i did bt biggup to al birithia gels high sch;u did woooo

  13. Ongratulations to Orero Secondary school in Homa Bay District for the good performance to be ranked 73 nationally.

  14. Would you try something to enable results download with ease. We are forced to hunt for wee hours at night to access results.

  15. none of your sites is it because it is a government affair?we deserve better service.the candidates have a right to quick and expedient access of their results.on a lighter note;congrats knec for conducting a successful examinations exercise.

  16. KNEC,,,,,!!!! Shame on you!!!!! ,,,cant any govt related body behave with dignity and a little efficiency? Shame on you!!!!

  17. congrats maranda boys for making it,..but what is not happening to the web given to us by knec,waited all day long without respond,guys you need to do something…

  18. Thank to God and all examiners for 2010 in doing good job. siting for long time to see who did well isn’t easy job. I believe isn’t for money, so let thank God for gift them to determining among thousand;who led us in K.S.C.E last year.
    let pray for health as some shade tears which can be good or bad depending on the result of the one who cry.
    praise! God for well done.

  19. i can`t believe this, I have been waiting for the past 3months to check this result and now i cant access it … something this is a new Kenya……..take the IT A STEP FURTHER that excuse is just not working or do away with the website thing………..may be the olden days sound better

  20. Knec should ensure that in future their web should be able to accommodate the jam caused by the anxious parents,candidates,principals,teachers and communities at large.

  21. Bravo to all kcse candidates 2010,especially Mburugu and Murimi from Keeru boys.well done my ‘sons’

  22. congratulation to Top Girls Schools.This is a nice perfomance fromthe ladies side.Boys watch over or else?

  23. why the delay!i think the knec officials r shareholders with safaricom.becauce we cant take them anywhere they slow down their operations so that we can use the sms. i hate this slowness its against vision 2030!!!!!!!

  24. what the hell! you must be up to some grand mischief on the third eve of the Grand Coalition(read grand corruption). Activate the 2010 kcse results as a matter of public concern or you stop trumpeting the imagined gains of this terrible colition!?

  25. very lame ya’ll. but anyhuu, no one actualy cares. they’ll get the results at the former school. people use your brains!!!

  26. Though hii website ni muhadahara’may i say kudos to every 2010 candidate.i do think you did your best and NEVER be discouraged.plan ahead not ‘nyuma’xawa?

  27. fellow kenyans lets understand we are directin traffic to the site and hence we should not complain …its our fault


  29. from the minister is office to the knec headquarters ,the whole staff is made of corrupt guys they ave entered a deal with the local networks so kenyans dont except much!
    vumilia kuwa mkenya sawa.

    • This site is pathetic how can some one look for result for more than one hour?????????????yawa do something.

  30. knec????????…………..there r people out there who can work on that problem easily. they should outsource if they cant do it efficiently and effectively.

  31. 4 sure u have made lots of delays 2 thousands of kenyans who r fully anticipating 4 the results.As KNEC you should improvise
    a more technologal system which kenyans can be able to acces their results immediately.Pliz do smthng!!!

  32. Am in north eastern province, knec is no wea to be seen over the net. Can somebody help!

  33. knec is underusing the taxpayers’ money…………..there r people out there who can work on that problem easily. they should outsource if they cant do it efficiently and effectively.

  34. Congratulation to Maranda High School. U’ve made it. What worries me iz dat da web given to us is asleep, an alternative sh’d b put in2 place. Hon. Prof. Sam Ongeri, do sthing.

  35. I wish join other kenyans in expressing disappointments and frustrations with knec site. After spending five hours trying to access the results leave alone the bundles used. Knec this is not okay with any kenyan. The need to pocket kenyans’ by emphasizing on the sms method to access results is malicious and for this you need not to stop culture of empty promises to Kenyans. Otherwise just fed up!mmmmmmhhhhh….m

  36. Am happy today to have seen what our brothers and sisters sowed mid November last year. the results are out, good performance. my advice is ” No matter how slow you will go from now, provided you dont stop” this is the beggining but not the end. “Keep on trying…….. life is about trial”

  37. whats up??????????????????????????????????? knec do something with ur web site you are really letting kenyans down .how can one look for results for 5hrs without succes

  38. How can we be able to spend our working hours brousing in the internet whitout any response of the results and yet we were well assured of no delay?please be accurate people in what you are giving us as your email adress.I have tried to access the 2010 KCSE Results but there is no response at all.Even the safaricom number we were given so that we can use to access is not giving us the feedback.Now we are wondering what type of people you are.

  39. knec do something to improve on this cause you are provoking so many people with all the due respect i beg you to change so as it doesnot happen next very disappointing.

  40. knec you are completing shocking us pliz do something some of us can only see thier results via internet ‘ONLY’ cause there are far away from Kenya our great land and it damn expensive pliz now.i would prefer you be telling us at what time you will display the website instead of making us angry getting insults pliz i beg do something to avoid this you are agreat instutition in our country.

  41. many Kenyans use a lot of money to access the web but in vain.pliz make sure you are ever reliable.i have used a lot of cash to access the results but not successful.give the qualified IT personnel to control the web.

  42. Why tell Kenyans to check for results in this site when you well know your systems are not set to cope with the traffic……….?

  43. Congratulation to all 2010 KCSE candidates for doing well. but Please I kindly request the knec body to give us the correct website for downloading the Results Online.


  45. you are not serious, how can u do this to us? I have tried to get results for more than 3 hours without success. You are letting kenya serious

  46. This is what men are made for………DOMONATING…………….well done to all KCSE 2010 top 10 nationally( all dudes) this makes me happy

  47. I concur with the comments of wilia magak,knec is really rooting people by employing inefficient result inquiry method which is expensive,please revise it.

  48. The minister for Education and all the other stake-holders should rise up to the occasion in a bid to put an end to this log in problem once and for all. This website doesn’t serve the purpose for which it is intended to.

  49. time is running and we are not able to register our pupils online what is the reason as to when you download the file only to find a result of 0 /10.3MB downloaded do something for efficiency.

  50. waaz up u guys kwani hiyo net yenu imechapa?hebu isort haraka cz kuna wenye hawajakula mpaka saa hii

  51. Hi, how do you office help kenyans who have lost their result slips and certificates? pliz help.

  52. whats happening 2 skulz in kisii county am shokd thatx to nyakoiba sec skul teachers pli
    z msitulet down hivyo

  53. Have given up. I have tried to get the results for KCSE 2010 without success. What is happening to the knec website? Has somebody blocked it?

  54. It is unfortunate poor knec that we cannot receive our results from your website immediately after announcement. Please hire my services, i am willing to help Kenyans out. If corruption is not involved, may the concerned party contact me! U r letting us down. Kenyans deserve better service in this age.

  55. This is the best contract safaricom has eva made with the highly entreprenurial knec.Bravo mr. minister

  56. Kenyan students are in pain waiting to see the results and the problem of network could have been attended before not when its needed, i believe the concern were aware of the problem but are taking long to address.avail all the students performance in the internet for the parents and guardians to see.

  57. Why dont the exam council post these results to several websites for easy accessiblity? let the council develop severalk sites we can access these results, if not so, then they should stop posting them to the web at all!

  58. Is this how we will achieve vision 2030 surely?,Your web is supposed to be working,Next time try to hire people who are qualified,try Chinese.

  59. you should open many sites and post all the results people are diying to no there results the sms service are not even returning the results knec do something fast

  60. Mr Professor Sir, and your entire team. what happened to efficiency ??? is solving this “website down” menace a vision 2050 goal or what ? then why do we have to complain about this year in year out? last year it was the same remember!!!!!!

  61. Hay! knec, y r u making us student to suffer.u hv the worst web service.u even hv a treaty with safaricom, u want them to benefit.20 shillings is lyk charging us to get wat we have harvested

  62. All the sites to access the results are down and the SMS service is not working: and, it terrible….so much for disaster preparedness……we are never prepared for anything, they knew they would have traffic on the sites and should have made necessary arrangements before hand.
    Then tomorrow they will issue a statement to apologize for inconvenience, it doesnt even make sense….why can they prepare for things before hand……in Kenya we are more reactive than proactive…..we need to change this culture…students and guardians are anxious for the results… apologies from KNEC we have had it with their site…

  63. PLIZ KNEC we realy need to view the results through the web mind those wihout phones & have paid to have access to the internet

  64. Hey knec whats only chick is gone to buy airtime. And yet we are not getting our results

  65. The site is too low,we cannot access the results through your all possible links of the KNEC

  66. this results are taking too long to access even after an assurance of getting them at a mouse click. What’s up????????????????

  67. iam embarassed by this. How long will we wait!? check this web and post the results.

    • Hahaha very funny. lakini kuna wakenya wangwana kama mimi na wegine.
      its time for change Kenyans, change begins with me and you. LETS refuse mediocrity by all means. I have a dream that one day Kenya will be a fully developed nation with very satisfied and positive citizens who LOVE OTHERS regardless of tribe, political affiliations, religion etc, LOVE GOD almighty, AND LOVE THEMSELVES.
      God Bless You God bless KENYA.

  68. you were also to give the duration on which your website you gave gona take because some of us are at the KASNEB towers to register for some courses we are currently doing.We do not know whether to enter or not!

  69. knec should show some seriousness. since it is sure of over one million seeking for the results, it should update its technology to accommodate this number and avoid this current jam. i won’t send an sms to enrich a lazy organization. just think of it; 300,000 plus candidates, relatives, friends, and teachers multiply by 20 bob= ????

  70. knec should show some seriousness. since it is sure of over one million seeking for the results, it should update its technology to accommodate this number and avoid this current jam. i won’t send an sms to enrich a lazy organization. just think of it 300,000 plus candidates, relatives, friends, and teachers multiply by 20 bob= ????

  71. Hey whats up with you K.N.E.C? Why are you playing with our god-damned minds we as students parents guardians and other loving Kenyans who are eager to see the results request you K.N.E.C to post them on the web
    and also why are you really insisting on us to use the SmS rather than the internet
    please mind us the ‘poor’people who have accessibility to the internet It seems that you want to dig us down into our pockets WHY?MIND MAKING IT AVAILABLE IN THE INTERNET OK ?

  72. when will the “advancement in technology” be adopted by knec so that the results can be posted instantly after releasing?it’s quite incredible that we can wait for hours on end on the net for the much needed results!please do something towards that end,we shall enormously appreciate.

  73. where will the candidates who have 60 points go since they are not selected to public universities?

  74. how comes we have million subscribers who are using face book, gmail accs, yahoo mail etc and you will never get messages such as “There are currently too many people connected to the website. Please try again” i think it the high time we update our servers, internet access etc because we dont have to wait until next week/ next month to access the exam results.

  75. when kcse results 2011 are relaesed on monday the 28th please make sure you avail them on the internet early enough because some people prefer your website to the sms thing

    • not all because most stundents come from poor families.The wonderful fact is they do not even know to operate.

  76. Exams timetable normally comes b4 the official release,y can’t knec also do da same for the result

  77. I thank you people at KNEC for the good job you’ve done since the 2010 year begun.
    my request is that how can i access to the results of KCSE KNEC 2010 on website.
    Otherwise i also thank the entire teaching staff at Busende Secondary School for the effort they put to make sure that we pass with flying colors.

  78. this years results was not so bad.and what i was so much blessed is the selection of candidates so impressing i wish this should continue

  79. hello people please we need to get direction on where to find the schools that our students have been addmited to

  80. the only thing that rings in my mind wenever i logs in your site is getting dissappointments!why cant you prof Wasanga and your colleagues change your image!you are a disgrace as a body not only to us kenyans but also to the donors and well wishers like me who are willing and capable of funding the poor students!

  81. The KCPE should not be scrabed but look for stages of weighing pupils when they are in lower classes eg in class 3 to join class 4 and in class 6 before doing the final exams in class 8. prosperous 2011.

  82. kindly knec do something concerning this site . it is totally down
    and we need to check results for the students we have sponsored

  83. why the not be able to provide a good netwoork for his customers coz us we can not get the results now coz of congetion in addition to that why the rssults kkeep on reducing as the years goes can i get the reason for that as compared from last year

  84. Wow, thanks you guys, I was able to see the results what I could not get at KNEC website. You guys are amazing. Hail Kwikfix!

  85. Wat is happen? R Exams bcoming hard overn9t coz candidates r jst dropin marks yr afta yr,really wat is it?

  86. Congrats 2 all newly graduated form ones! may the lord grand u life n wisdom 2 prosper in the 4th coming high skul edu life. jah bless all!

  87. I have been rying to access for KCPE 2010 results but all in vain. KNEC pliz give us a better service. It was too nice as the 3 porfessors assured us of quick results, but what do we get? Dissulutionment

  88. I think you `knec’ is fleecing Kenyans. This issue with your website not being accessible when candidates are interested in results has been here for too long! Why is it that you cannot rectify it when subsequent results are to be released? is this your ploy to make curious parents, guardians and candidates to use the sms that enriches your pockets. I am sincerely not impressed especially over something that can be corrected. You could dispell these feelings by offering an elaborate explanation of what you are doing to correct these suspect technical hitches when the services are required. This is not out of malice but sincere concern.

    • Knec accounts must be audited to get to know exactly how monies received from this sms so called service are utilized.
      This obscenity by Knec must be stopped forthwith. Fleecing Kenyans must stop.
      What is grander corruption than withholding a necessary public service till some sort of kickback (in this case cash payment) is made?

  89. Wondering why the web given by Ongeri isn’t efficient. Mr minister ‘ope u had anticipated many viewers and made remedies so that all could access the web….do something

  90. Now that the exam council want 2 introduce students portraits on certificates , what shall happen to the already issued out ones lacking the portrait ?

  91. How come you have not posted Bussiness mngnt section 1 exam reslts for July 2010 in your website? what will happen to those with reffers? will they be allowed to sit for this years exam? and if it not this year, i think it will be unfair to this rot as it will force some student to wait for another year in order to sit for section two exams.

  92. im shocked to find the 2006 timetable when im actually looking for 2010 kcse one. with a few days to go we really need this document.

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