Receive KPLC electricity bill on email

To receive free KPLC electricity e-Bill on your email, please register by typing:
R# in the subject field and send to register @
e.g. if your Account No. 123456-02 and ID No. is 233233; input as follows:


24 thoughts on “Receive KPLC electricity bill on email

  1. Dear sir,
    Our meter no 61470403
    How I will know our bill amt.This is new meter.last 3months we haven’t receive bill.I also don’t know act me for pay bill.

    Thanks & regards

  2. HOW DO I REGISTER TO RECEIVE E-BILLS? There are no subject fields as given in the instructions

  3. hi,i vacated from a certain house and now i would like to terminate my account & be refunded my deposit….which are the procedures?

  4. I’d like to check and send for me the electricity bill of february 2012 on account number 2130541-02

    • PLEASE Sijapata BILL yangu tangu january handi sasa, kupitia email yangu.

  5. how long does it take to send the Bills through email.. I have been waiting since morning… It isnt an instant reply?

  6. The Pay Bill by M-pesa is a very innovative and convenient way to pay bills. However KPLC doesn’t seem to have the staff/infrastructure to back up this innovation! I think turnover time should be instant and be the same whether day time or night time. Isn’t this system automated? Why are we sometimes asked to pay extra cash on top of the cost for the units needed? This is an avenue for corruption and bullying!

  7. llike the site continue coming up with various technology to meet the vision 2030

  8. Very good service. Strange however that i was asked to add more cash inorder for me to get my units yesterday! What is happening?

  9. Hey I need a contact number for I bought Ksh 500 worth of units last week and until now no reply…… kindly help

    • My power bill always reach me late every month due to the channel it passes through, this has always given me a hell of time sinces the bills are variable each an every month making it dificult to make payment in advance. how can get my bills any time any where and make payment independent from those bogus papers that deplete our forsts.

      fred bita

  10. This is a great step.Got the stupid bill instantly though my power was cut before i got the bill over mail.

  11. For those on Prepaid meters, you can buy electricity units by Mpesa Code 888 880

    Safaricom –> Mpesa –> pay Bill –>enter 888880 –> Meter Number –> MPESA PIN

    Wait for a recharge code.


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