Checking 2009 KCPE Examinations Results Online – KNEC (Failure)

It is evident KNEC servers can’t handle the traffic.. I have tried it severally too to no avail.

I share in your frustration hoping that the public service systems will one day change it’s attitude. Kwikfix is hoping that the KNEC IT support will hear the Kenyan’s parent cry.

Find the contacts to Kenya National Examinations Council below:
020 271 3894
020 271 3874
020 271 3845
020 556 416

*Please note I have only verified the workability of only one number among them.



13 thoughts on “Checking 2009 KCPE Examinations Results Online – KNEC (Failure)

  1. shame on them there are so many it experts on the streets doing manual jobs for indians yet knec can aford to show us how they are still backword an examination wonder being ateacher i have always beleaved that the education system in this country is atotal mess.knec only sets exams to produce mass failures than to test students ability.They should copy examples from philipines which has made their education simple enough to let as many as possible to get papers and laiter they are exported to work in other countries.something should be done are they realy at computer one moment kcpe had enghlish questions which were set in 1986 at kcse or kce whichever that shows how their examiners have run out of ideas they are old and unable to cope up with current up. i one time had to go through so much frustration when my international university wanted to verify my secondary school results it took such along time because they said emails to their centre is hardly replied

  2. knec is just a bunch of lazzy personel who get paid by the tax payers money for doing nothing,they too should sighn the fammous performance contract.

  3. knec is just a bunch of disorganised douchebags just like their predecessor Ongeri

  4. I think the government is not interested with people who elected them,karega & Ongeri shall resign for the mess which is seen in the ministry.

  5. The Kenya National Exams Council and the minister concerned with education should explain to Kenyans why it takes them long to post exam results on line. It is unfortunate that the website has not functioned up this day 2/1/2010.
    Safaricom also failed its clients/ sub-scribers terribly. WAKE UP SAFARICOM OR WE CONSIGN YOU TO THE DUSTBIN.

  6. can the knec webmasters do something that website. accessing the results is just nuisance. we are tied of opening pages that seem to ceased to be used a decade ago.


  8. Stop recruiting employees by patronage. Kenya is one and we are all Kenyans. Recruit by competence race or no race service is all that Kenyans want not politician ball boys.

  9. Ongeri & karega are busy denyn responsibility over stolen cash.Will they also deny this? Shame on them! minute islands like Seychelles are doing better!

  10. It is such a big mess.An organisation of KNEC’S stature should be able to do more that this plus they saw it coming.

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