How to register a Samsung phone for warranty

To register your samsung phone for warranty follow instructions below:
->Send SMS with the following information:
Reg*IMEI NUMBER *DateOfBirth*sex#
To :
-5585 (Safaricom/ Zain)
-0752005585 (Yu/Orange)

**DateOfBirth is written as DD/MM/YYYY (e.g If born 1st August 1978, write as 01/08/1978
***Sex is entered as M or F (M for Male, F for Female)

-If successful you’ll receive a confirmation message.


4 thoughts on “How to register a Samsung phone for warranty

  1. Hello i have activated my answering machine where by if my phone ring 4 20sec without ans it answers it self automatically,now the problem is i cant retrive my masseges my phone model is SAMSUNG E-250.what im i supposed 2 do inoder 2 retrive them?

  2. I have tried to register my phone but your system tells me that it is a grey import. What does that mean? Am I not allowed to import a Samsung?

  3. I recently bought a samsung c5130 with a 1 year warranty at fone xpress only to realise its fake. What should i do?

  4. hey
    i ave samsung e250…it dropped into water and the keypads according to the the one repairing it are not working what can i do to fix it?

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