Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for SmartBus operations, SmartBus Kenya

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1. How do I get bus information?

2. What do I need to know when riding the bus?

3. How do I know when there are changes to a route, bus stop, schedule, etc.

4. How do I get an item back that I left on the bus?

5. What is a SmartCard?

6. How do I get a SmartCard?

7. Where do I wait for the bus?

How do I get bus information?

Bus route information can be obtained via this web site at, by email at, by telephone at 0752 999 222 (Monday to Friday 8:00am to 6:30pm and Saturdays 8:00am to 3:30pm.)

If you would like more specific information about an individual route, just click on the route number on the system map, or use the “select a route” box and select the appropriate number from the list, then click on the “go” button.


What do I need to know when riding the bus?

Arrive at the bus stop several minutes early. Be standing at the stop, ready to board, when the bus arrives.

Have the SmartCard ready. If you do not have a SmartCard, you may buy one from the driver. The minimum amount required is Ksh70. If you have a Smartcard that does not have enough balance, then you can ask the driver to top it up.

Board the bus through the front door. Bring your SmartCard close to the reader, and bring it near (within 3 inches) of the area where it says ‘Flash SmartCard Here’. Once the card is validated, the Unit will say ‘Go Outside’. The turnstile will automatically turn, and let you enter.

Exit the bus through the back door. Again you have to flash the SmartCard on the reader placed at the back door. The reader will deduct the appropriate fare amount from the card and message will flash ‘Go Outside’. The turnstile will automatically turn and let you exit.

Please be aware of the following while on the bus:

  • No smoking.
  • No eating.
  • Service animals are allowed to accompany persons with disabilities; however, the animal must be secured.
  • All radios, cassettes and compact disc players must be used with earphones.


How do I know when there are changes to a route, bus stop, schedule, etc.

Changes to bus stops are posted directly at affected stops along the routes.

Permanent route changes are publicized by flyers and/or posters on the buses and on this web site. Temporary changes, or detours, may be put on flyers on the buses (if it is a long term detour).


How do I get an item back that I left on the bus?

Please check with Lost and Found the following business day to see if your item has been turned in. Please call up the SmartBus office and ask to be connected to the Lost & Found room.

You will need to provide a detailed description of the item that was lost, when it was lost, the bus route number, direction you were traveling and time you boarded the bus.

What is a SmartCard?

It is a contactless smart technology card designed to make bus travel easier, quicker and safer for both the traveler and the driver. Being credit card size it slips easily into your wallet or purse. It removes the need to use cash by just placing the card near the reader tray on boarding and exiting the bus. The fare cost will be deducted automatically.


How do I get a SmartCard?

Go onto the Smartbus and ask the drive to give you a SmartCard. You will have to pay cash for it and the minimum amount is Ksh70. Once you have a SmartCard, you need not buy again. Just give your card to the driver and ask him to top it up for you anytime the balance is too low.

Where do I wait for the bus?

Check the Routes for the names of the bus stops at which the SmartBus will stop.


6 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for SmartBus operations, SmartBus Kenya

  1. Hey
    I use the 24 route smart bus. We have been experiencing problems in the duration we take waiting for the buses from 5. We wait for over an hour and if there are seven buses as i was told, how can none of the seven buses not be on the stage for over one hour? When we enquired we were told that some buses have gone for service and other times there in the jam.I thought its business sense to have a back up strategy so as not to inconvenience your loyal customers when some buses are not in operation or if due to jam the buses should have a shorter waiting interval from Karen to reduce the time interval between the buses even if there is jam.

    Secondly, it doesnt make sense for the first bus to arrive in town after 8 oclock while most of us have to be in town before then.Why cant you ensure atleast one bus goes picking up your loyal customers who reside along the way while you have another waiting for customers in Karen(since i was told the reason is that the bus has to wait for your loyal customers who reside in Karen even if they get late)? It beats the purpose to have most loyal customers only use your services in the evening. And when you do so you make it consistent so that we can time the bus at for a particular duration not longer than 20 minutes in the morning.

  2. 2 thumbs up to u the Smart Bus team.
    Am a frequent customer. Lately we have been experiencing a few problems on our route. I ply route 33, Embakasi Nyayo? We don’t seem to have any of your buses plying our route. If u could only assign one or two buses on our route that would be great!!

    Thanks Again and keep up the good work!!

  3. Today seeing the smart-bus was the next best thing since the invention of diapers!! The were kawaida psv’s were not in operation. And the smart bus could not have come at a better time! Got to my destination and the charges couldn’t been better!

    Kudos Smart-bus team.

  4. I have heard very nice things about Smartbus and I really need to get a card! Please work on getting more cards! The hustle of getting into matuz is crazy!

    Desperate commuter

  5. Dear Sir/Madam.
    Thanks for the good service you offer on the buses . please could you consider the following on route 125/126. OIt is a good venture and with the good cpricing strategy taht you are having you can easliy get this market. Also consider putting more buses and sentize the passengers on why tghey should use your buses rather than the other matatus,. This you can achieve by subsidsing the cost ofthe cards inorder to attarcat them
    1. The time the bus isleaving whether it coukld be adjusted so taht the first bus leaves rongai at 6am. Many people are leaving at that time .
    2. Put radios in your buses to allow entertaintment.

  6. Hi, Its obiovus with people to alwayz see the negative part of every time but for today I beg to differ.Today the bus i was traveling on got arrested dispite the long wait at the nyayo police post i belive for once i flet like a customer. There is this young ASIAN man i wish to appreciate who has a personal level in customer care. I really dont know his name but he deserve appriciation kudos and let him keep it up. Yours happy customer

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