Easy steps for SmartBus operations, Smartbus Kenya



  • Ask driver for your own Smart Card.
  • Driver will ADD CREDIT on the card for you – give him the exact amount of money you want on your card.
  • To check your card BALANCE – press F1 on the Ticket Terminal.
  • To ADD MORE MONEY – show amount to driver and place in the black box by the driver (exact amount only – no change given). Driver will load the amount on the card.


  • Flash your card on the Terminal TO ENTER. A green light will flash on the gate, you have to turn the gate and enter within 6 seconds.
  • To EXIT, go to the rear door and flash card on the Ticket Terminal placed there. A green light will flash on the rear gate, you have to turn the gate and exit the bus within 6 seconds.


  • The fare amount will be calculated based on where you entered and exited the bus.
  • As you exit the bus, the fare will be deducted from the balance money on your Smartcard.

6 thoughts on “Easy steps for SmartBus operations, Smartbus Kenya

  1. Plse can you rescue 125/126 commuters?We are always forced to wait for upto two hrs for a bus to appear.And at times the bus refuses to come into the designated stage instead it picks cash passengers on the matatu terminus.
    Most other times a bus comes to the stage and says the card machine is not working and that we need to pay cash of 60kshs but with a 50kshs receipt.
    Ps be as your name smart.

  2. just want to raise a red flag on smart bus.Having started so well,your reputation has been lowered by your dishonest drivers and conductors.The route to Ongata Rongai is full of nightmares.pax dropped anywhere on the way,bus driver ends his journey before reaching his final destination.Drivers have joined some matatu touts who dictate where to stop,where,to end the journey prematuary.We got dropped at the wrong stop and when I asked why no one talked to me.If I had no cash to take me to kiserian,what would have happened?You have introduced cash payment and your conductors are making a kill.A pax pays shs40 upto nyayo and he is told that there is no receipt for that amount.All that money is pocketed by the conductor.Pliz check on this before you end up colapsing.Thanx in advance

  3. lets know about the minimum balance to be retained in the smartbus card, security.

  4. @Richard and @Noah, thank you for visiting Kwikfix website; unfortunately this website is only informational and is in no way related to the Services, Companies or Organizations mentioned and or the subject of the post. We set up this site to try and converge handy tips & tricks you need or use everyday as many organizations in Kenya usually gives it’s consumers half-facts. I will however try and get the contacts as requested.

  5. Hi,
    I appreciate the service, being civilized and convenient above everything else. I have two questions that I would like to be helped solve: 1) Are your buses operational on sundays
    2) If one called the customer care no, would the company be
    able to say where the nearest bus on a specific route
    would be
    3) Is there going to be an increment in the no of buses,
    on routes like 125/126 or p’pl have to learn to live
    things the way they are.
    Finaly please give us an alternative customer care no, esp’ a land line. Other wise good day.


  6. I use the smart bus on route 110 kitengela and so far the services are good.But i suggest that there should be a strict time schedule and can we have some 110 buses go through GPO in the morning because more than half the passengers alight at Agip and walk to GPO. And also in case of fare changes please put the advert in the buses in advance

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