GPRS / EDGE / WAP settings for Orange Kenya

  • send SMS “WAP” to 1234 and receive the settings configuration
  • you will receive a notification that the installation was successful
  • save and activate Orange WAP under web > go to address (

12 thoughts on “GPRS / EDGE / WAP settings for Orange Kenya

  1. Thanks 4 the article n comments @DennisMungaiE , useful.

    Just gotten my new orange line to work on my ipad, Thought i can’t access the portal(keeps timing out), is it that only orange modems can do so?? Office PC on the office net is also not able to connect to the portal as well.


  2. i have been experiencing problems on my huawei e160 modem on orange this past week..sometimes it doesnt connect atall, and the few times when it does, it may sometimes browse, but then after a while, it just stops browsing (yet is still connected) and what i notice on the modem software is there is no activity on the download icon. i have called customer care a gazillion times but am convinced they dont know what they are doing (they are not technical atall, just PR if u ask me). has anyone been experiencing problems with connection and browsing
    PS. I have used the same modem for the past 5 months with these same settings and it has been working fine all along, this is a new problem i have been experiencing recently

  3. i have been trying to connect to the internet portal but it seems like it has been aloosing battle,tried connecting from 4.30pm up to now nothing has happened.using the orange interne everywhere 3G+ modem but to no avail,would realy appreciate if i would get feedback on what to do.

  4. For the manual settings, the following worked fine on Ubuntu 9,10 karmic Koala with the Orange Huawei EG162G:


    Security settings for the internet connection:
    Authentication Type: PAP(Point Authentication Protocol).
    NB: Do NOT configure it to use MS-CHAP(Microsoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol).PAP should do.

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