Repaying your Family Bank Loan through your phone (M-Pesa)

You can now repay your Family Bank Loan via M-Pesa; follow the steps below:

1. Go to M-Pesa menu
2. Choose “Pay Bill”
3. Enter the Family Bank Number – 222111
4. Enter your Account Number e.g. 556001
5. Press “Send” to transfer the funds

Pepesha Pesa leo with Family Bank and M-Pesa


2 thoughts on “Repaying your Family Bank Loan through your phone (M-Pesa)

  1. Its a great innovation which comes with immense benefits to the borrower. Other banks should follow

  2. I have a question you might look into for the benefit of all mobile users in Kenya. Can you find out if Zap and m-pesa can send to each other? I met someone using Zain who claimed he could receive money from m-pesa. Maybe they don’t wish to advertise the fact.

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