Checking your HELB Loan disbursement status, Higher Education Loans Board

To view your disbursement status, go to:

They will require you to do the following:

  • Select Serial No. or ID No.
  • Enter value for the selected option
  • Select the Year
  • Get loan/bursary lending report

For further details, contact:

Anniversary Towers, 18th Floor,
University Way, P.O. Box 69489 00400
Tel: 251877/246590/1, Fax: 252330
Nairobi, Kenya.


74 thoughts on “Checking your HELB Loan disbursement status, Higher Education Loans Board

  1. please have you deposited helb loan in my account.Am stressed with incomplete school fees and staying in university room illegally.The little I have is for my up keep.Kindly help me.

  2. Am realy in need of the loan i applied for,i hav les than 1 week left 2 open skul…what wil do?

  3. heheee..helb mmekua aje tena..kama mmesota mbona hamsemi….nliapply pesa n bado ts been long hazijadisbursiwa on that pliz…

  4. we apply helb to aid us pay fees.y upto now kenyatta university students have not found the money and next week ni opening??pliz lyke me i applied in january.upto now nothing has been reflected in my account.what is real the problem?

  5. My ID Number is 26762002. Im a 2nd year student,applied 4 a loan en yet have not recieved.Please help

  6. my national ID 24097533. i want to repay my loan this month please give me direction.

  7. i want to repay my loan but i do not know how to go about , have tried to get information about this but up to now have not succeed

  8. how can one go about appealing for the loan he receives and how do you go about asking for HELB bursary?

  9. I applied for helb,i was awarded as per the bank detail but it has not been credited into my account.

  10. A Kenyan studying in Makerere imagine l applied 4 a loan last yr was awarded ksh 35,ooo but up to now have never got this money have sent complains over 20 times to helb but no response my question is am l a Kenyan or a Ugandan since am in Uganda plz help in need this money 4 my study am a peasant that is why l applied,also if u cant send me or reply me let me know thanks

  11. It all started with my documents not recognized by the system, the my loan came in word form, and the a different serial number, both don’t work till know, god see to ua people.

  12. i applied for the lone last year.I used to send my id no to 5556 confirming and i got results showing that i was on the system.then it suddenly started asking me to put my correct id no.

  13. i got my loan once last year april. what procedure should i follow to get another disbursment?

  14. the helb board should respond very quickly to self sponsered students.most of us miss exams yet we applied for the loan early enough .it would have been better if they restricted it to jab students instead of giving us false hopes.its high time you guys stopped playing with us.shall we wait till we graduate

  15. I hope that the loan is provided egual,to all students who applied for,without getting to know who is who or where does he/she come from.Those applied for,are kenyans with a desire for education not for race or tribe.

    • all animals are equal but some are more equal so dont expect equity when it comes to fund issues

  16. Is it in order for the HELB to delay the loan for the regular students when at the back of their minds most of this students are bright but have-nots.

    • it”s very in order hon member coz regular students pay peanuts compared with ssp who are also poor

  17. The helb site is indeed inconviniencing many. when will it ever be efficient? can someone do something about it

  18. i applied for the helb loan at the early April this year and now am already admitted to university. pls help to know wether i qualified for it

  19. Does one have to beg the helb people to award u a loan? yet you will still repay the loan plus interest.actually banks are begging us to take their loans.and f mwalimumkuu and his crap, where will we get another chance to write broken english except on walls-ie loos

  20. please i need your assistance,i used the my id serial number when i was applying for the first loan and now with the introdution ot pinno its really hard for me to access the loan form please assist on how to correct my details

  21. Please help me to know my helb loan repayment status . Also l need 2 top up ma loan its my 2nd year of Masters of Education at University of Nairobi.

  22. I have been trying to download the HELB loan application form but i
    cant access it, I am a stydent at the University of Nairobi, how can i get one, thanks in advance.

  23. I applied for a loan but it seems like the helb people are not ready to help.What do i do and am in dire need of a loan?Please do something.

  24. How do one go about in order to get the first applicants Helb forms have strained trying this but it’s all in vain
    please help

  25. I second you Mwalimu Mkuu. The kind of sentence construction that is shown here is shocking…and they want loans to go for higher learning? I just wish them all the best and probably the communications skills one and two will help them.

    FYI i also need a loan bana.

  26. If the state of your written English displayed here is a sample of the caliber of university and college students we have in our ‘institutions of higher learning’,its no wonder that many of your applications are not even being considered…Perhaps it may be of more benefit for most of the posters here to apply for loans to go back to primary school and learn some proper English!!

  27. am self sponsored student you awarded me loan when is going to be effected in the school account?

  28. the helb loan disbursment page has got some problems and i cant access my loan status for three days now,Please help.

  29. Where do i have to confirm about my disbursed loan if iam a self-sponsored student because i confirmed that you have awarded me some money through your website?is it through my account or at campus when we get back next semester?

  30. You are really trying your best; but on request you to be releasing the money early enough if possible.
    Otherwise good work

  31. hi good people last week but one i went to enquire about my loan status at the helb anniverssary towers which i had applied early april,guess what my details were not inthe system nor my application form was no where to be seen i enquired and i was told to wait next academic year to reapply again what a crap!!!!i don understand and there records shows that they received my form early april,can somebody hear out my cry,its painful considering that i am not employed.


  33. I did applied for a HELB loan,but my form which i used to applied for the loan was minus the serial number because it was my first application,how will i know that i got the helb loan?am in chepkoilel campus moi university.

  34. yo inconveniencing us with this thing can somebody do somethin quick! our lives are hangin on a balance damn it!

  35. I applied for a loan,but I have not received any and I have had to call off this semester because I couldn’t pay the fees balance without the loan.Can someone help me.

  36. the helb website is not loading and we need the loan statement to clear our fees to be allowed to do exams

  37. i had applied for my loan up to now i havent got any loan awarded to me what is the criteria you are using for one to get a loan especially in private chartered university i.e kabarak university

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