Download the Police Abstract Form – Kenya Police Service (updated)

Find a link to the Police Abstract Form; usually issued FREE by the Police whenever a person reports loss of property.

Go to or Download here Kenya Police Abstract Form.

It is filled giving details of the lost property. The Officer Commanding Police Station (OCS) must sign and rubber-stamp the filled form and an official receipt issued.

NB. Once this form is filled, it must be taken to the nearest Police Station for necessary assistance.


25 thoughts on “Download the Police Abstract Form – Kenya Police Service (updated)

  1. how long does this thing last in case there are delays with the KRA guys replacing a driving licence, I have been postponed in getting my driving from last year until the Interim licence is worn now.
    out frustrated kenyan

  2. Thumbs up guys but you need to post the one on official letterhead coz thats what you insist on most

  3. Was able to download Police abstract in less than five minutes. Keep up good work

  4. Was able to download Police abstract in lee than five minutes. Keep up good work

  5. something should be done at our police stations to enable the poor get this abstract free.

  6. the website doesn’t work, you cannot download the forms. any solution to this? do the police know this? they need to stop refering people to a dead website and come up with solutions

  7. Thanks to the Muthangari Police…I downloaded the abstract form mara pap!

    The two Police Men at the pst on 16th February 2011 were so helpful. Stay blessed!

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  9. Greetings of the day from Kavita. Cant download traffic police abstract, please tell me what am to do or e-mail them to me on my e-mail address for good public relation.


    • Manze the Kenya police website haifanyi job and when you are sent to down load it ni blanda the personnel in charge should work on the problem to help many Kenyans who are in desperation.
      Also it is good for the police to avail the forms in their stations top help out because not all Kenyans can access computers or internet.

  10. What is this they are saying we can down load abstract forms on line, even the web site alone can not open. Can’t the Kenyan Police be efficient in any thing, getting even the abstract forms physically in the police stations is hell, i have tried visiting most of these police stations in Nairobi, including police Head quarters to obtain Motor Accident Abstract for my car, to no avail, nothing is moving at all. Can somebody with information advise on where to get these Motor Accident Abstract forms.

  11. The police Abstract form website has gone off line. does anybody have a soft copy to send to my email address

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