Checking KCPE, KCSE Results through SMS – KNEC

KCPE and KCSE Candidates can now get their scores/results through a short message service (SMS).

  • New Message – type  KCPE/KCSE followed by their index number
  • Send the message to 2228

34 thoughts on “Checking KCPE, KCSE Results through SMS – KNEC

  1. talking about knec its the best thing that has ever happened 2 Kenya and am not guessing keep demn fire burning and god bless

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  3. As usual, their sites and KNEC site are down and they have given 2 different sms codes 2228 & 5052 which are not working and messages not going through and if they do there are no responses….when will they ever learn?????

  4. Knec is doing alot of disservice to the cadidates who faithfully paid for their exams last year

  5. I do not understand how Knec expects schools to upload cadidates information when they cannot allow the schools to download their results because of their defunct websites

  6. I am also worried coz I have send 2 messange which cost 20bob each, but I have not received my son result. Tried the website is the worse.Pliz KNEC shoul do something.

  7. Mine is just to challenge the ministry coz currently I’m working at a cybercafe in Nairobi and have been getting so many customers who have been looking forward for the performance of their children in the examination yet nothing is forth coming. Have been losing so much when it comes to business. wazz- up men?

  8. I believe the candidates have done their best so far the truth and fruit of 8yrs has been revealed ,live to work hard in life.

  9. check on quality of papers used to print certificates they are torn within ashort period in all examinations!!!

  10. why a very long time? This are the modern day with advanced technology, if you aren’t ready don’t release the results

  11. Just imagine i payed to browse only to realize that what they call their website is ineffective.What’s wrong with Kenya? This is more than a weakness,it is inability.

  12. The sms is a great idea. Got my daughter’s results right on time. Kudos KNEC

  13. Waz up with public schools nowdays,does it mean private school teachers are well qualified than those in public schools.I still wonder

  14. am dissapointed by our standard of technology in kenya! WACHA 2…………..
    what of politics????

  15. How comes since yesterday 29\129 when the minister of education announced the results and said we check the results online after the release,i have been trying to check through the web,nothing is coming not even the sms,why can’t they do the necessary, ama whats up guys????????????

    • Sorry but to say,you are leaving us in suspicion as to whether you are not having a hidden agenda of getting money from poor parents,and guardians for using an sms code which is not working,where will all that money go!imagine others try 10 times out of curiosity!. Lets try to work out this way,since the Minister announced,400,000 sms has been sent and of course they are more,the multiply 400,000 by Ksh.20 and get Ksh.8 Million. who are the benefficiaries of the proceeds? please comment.


  17. i know my niece has passed .but somebody must resign due to embezzlement of public education funds.

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