Checking KCPE Examinations Results and Selection of Candidates Online – KNEC

To check for  KCPE and KCSE exam results online, register or view the subjects a candidate has registered with the Exams Council (KNEC) and the selection of candidates to various schools.

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108 thoughts on “Checking KCPE Examinations Results and Selection of Candidates Online – KNEC

  1. the wise men said as you plant so you must sow what you have planted,i do hope and pray that every one wil pass with flying colours

  2. Hi ! pass and failure are both God’s fate and keep in mind that bright student can get ‘0’ marks at sometimes due to the exams dealers

  3. whats wrong with the site(page can not be displayed hey we are dealing with youths and the need to access their results

  4. pliz update on selection categories i.e what mark will join national schs,provincial and districts.

  5. I would like to request the Ministry of Education and the website people to simplify this issue of results in the internet because most of us are not soo competent in this computer things.

  6. Not happy of the so called Standardization.It demoralises children especially from Nairobi.please just give students their really marks

  7. may the best candidate be given chance to excel, admit deserving students to schools of choice.

  8. Currently the website can not open because too many people are logged in, why cant i be among those many people since morning????

  9. how come you take an ISP like kenya web to be hosting your domain?
    no speed and efficiency and this is what kenyans want?? shame get better and well maintained domain eg from UUnet (mtn busines) safaricom.

    pls change


  10. Students should sign performance contracts to be held accountable for the results they are posting……downward trends every year..smthin’ must be going amiss smwhere

  11. wish you aal the best and keep up all that hard work and always never and ever give up in what you want to achieve

  12. I wonder big why we encouter such a huge lack in Kenya Knec. The website is a total mess, when in need you cannt access.
    I request you do something in future to forget this Please.
    Else keep up guys. Good work being done. We appreciate you.

  13. Thanks to improved technology that we can get the result on time,congrats to all those who did well and for those who did not perform well just know that it is not the end of life so don’t lose hopes.

  14. Speculation is rife that some academies do poach bright pupils from other schools and offer them free tuition and registration so as to help boost high marks for the academies.I therefore doubt the performance and could-be competition that they are posing to public schools.

  15. how can it be that some schools get kcpe and kcse results before the exams? it’s unfair eg national schools and private schools. let’s fight impunity.

  16. Am wondering with our Kenya National Examination Council, when are you going to post exams?Kenyans are waiting,do something.

  17. I am suprised that upto now we cant access the results on your Web. What is the answer? Is it real or gimmick.

  18. Pliz i was so disapointed that icould not access my brother’s score and i ‘m acomputer wizad remember tha , if the only tool you have is a hammer, then you tend to see every problem as a nail!!!!!
    Regard !

  19. Kenya national examination council website is a big let down. Shame on their IT personnel. surely for crying out loud, why do you let people down this way for two days running since the kcpe results were released.kenya is a failed state.

  20. shame on you knec ,a simple thing like posting the kcpe results online shouldnt take ages,but we know that you are still living in the stone age,i wonder why you have a website in the first place.anyway you can take all the time in this world to give us the results

  21. It is evident KNEC servers can’t handle the traffic.. I have tried it severally too to no avail. I share in your frustration hoping that the public service systems will change one day. Kwikfix is hoping that the KNEC IT support will hear the Kenyan’s parent cry. If I get their number I’ll definitely post here.

  22. this shows how government websites sre s total joke.take a look at other ministries like kenya police website.its a big fooling around.kenyans are in a new era and the government should stop embarrasing itserlf to the world

  23. YOUSSUF LAKAH,all da way from ksa am very dissappointed about knec KWANI they still crawling when people are now running ALAAAAA!

  24. I cant belief this they said the results have been posted to the website the dump website not working, is even going more dead than before

  25. KNEC shouldn’t promise to release the results online if they can’t afford or are incompetent to do so. I wonder why a government institution – leave alone a leading education body – can’t run a website to serve almost a million people. Please improve your infrastructure because KCSE and KCPE results seem to be the only instruments that brings Kenyans together. Screwing this up is a huge mistake!!!

  26. SMS No 2228 is not working. Please give us an alternative number to0 check the KCPE 2009 results

    Congtratulation to all those who got top marks.

  27. This people are not serious. My airtime worth ksh.200 is gone through sms to 2228 and now I still cant access my cousin’s result. Is it because of FPE scam?

  28. The Ministry of Education need to style up!!! how can the Minister give an sms number ib broad daylight that’s not working?
    Their website is horrible as well. The latest results are for 2007, meaning this year’s will be posted in 2011. what a shame?

  29. The KNEC lts Server is very slow! please can you look for another alternative so that the results can be easily accessed. I have been trying as from 1.30 pm to this time and it always come offline. Please do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KNEC

  30. KNEC is a dissapointment to people. SMS is not working out as well as the website I can’t understand them saying too many people accessing the site. Were they not preoared for that?

  31. Pliz!!! Do something. The online kcpe 2009 results not accesible. We want to start celebrating! Knec speed up.

  32. I have tried to get my daughters kcpe results from the Knec website without no success. What is happening??? I think kenyan’s we have gone highway super technology. What is the happening.

  33. I thank the ministry of Education and the KNEC efforts and innovations they have put in place to ensure efficiency and especially timely release of results.

    Keep it up.

  34. you are conning people by asking them to send sms to 2228. I have now spent alot of money but no results. Woe unto you, you conmen.

    • The results are out and the parents should take the alternative course of action for the students who have attained the university entry grades though have not made it to the university direct.They should not capitalize on issues or conversations that may derail the attitude of the child towards education hence rendering the student less valuable in the society .This is not the end of everything remember* SUCCESSS is not a destination but it is a journey*

  35. I would just like to tell all the candidates parents to appreciate there childrens kcpe marks whether goood or bad 4 it was the best they could do,just tell them not to lose hope


    • Wish 110 marks in kcpe 4 mi former galfriend Nursera from mdr DEB primary school and I also wish 4 Najma Bilow and Aisha Abdi 350 and above marks both from Mdr DEB Primary school and also frm class 8 North.

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