Tracking status of ID & Passport by SMS (Immigration Department of Kenya)

You can now track the application status of your ID and/or passport by SMS.

The short code used here is 2032. The services available include:

  • Tracking progress of passport processing accessible by sending the 9 digit tracking number issued to applicants on application to 2032
  • A help menu that enables the user to access user assistance by sending HELP to 2032
  • A question posting option by sending a message starting with PPQUEST followed by the question and sending the message to 2032
  • A compliment and comment posting option by sending a message starting with PPCOM followed by the compliment or suggestion and sending the message to 2032

19 thoughts on “Tracking status of ID & Passport by SMS (Immigration Department of Kenya)

  1. commendable job.but am worried with how busia reistration office is failing can somebody born in busia plus his parents wait for two years without getting the id.pls the busia boss should wake up and do his job.

  2. hi am called Abdi i applied id last year from Thika and checked from the computer its on process …….iam proud of the work you guys doing but there are some brokers who distarb and blackmail the citizens pliz make sure the IDs are taken to its right office thank

  3. To whom it may concern
    i am akenyan citizen. my id is lost and i dont remember my ID no____________.
    full name. abdiqafar hussein mohamed. from burduras mandera west district. place of issue rhamu pls confirm my id no and and send me please


  4. Soo amazing is the queueing system, applicants sit down on a nice bench and move slowly towards the counter. There are no agents, brokers, thugs inside because AP are taking care of that. But i was not happy with a few number of somalis who were moving freelly and jumping lines to talk to the counter officers, if they are using money for favours. Kenyans are watching!

    • i am worried bcoz no matter how much i try helping the customers to get the pin i fid that the data i give does not correspond with that with the kra. pliz help.

  5. What’s happening with the applied Kenyan identification cards for Mandera west constituency(Takaba) since July 2010. We are worried about our future since the opportunities we deserve as Kenyans just pass-by. Please do something!

  6. am happy about the amount of time i spent on the queue on the day i came to apply for a passport…thumbs up guys..
    Now can i get an sms reaction about my passport status..
    It’s a month already

  7. I proud of the application system which took less then 20min. Bravo!! to all. My complain is on the tracking system, have sent a no of SMS with no response assist me on that.

  8. why are they using the Short code which is very expensive to maintain instead of the long code?

  9. Hello, i have to commend you for the good work. i came to apply for passport replacement and after a few minutes i was through.i was amazed that even at lunch time hour there were staff working unlike before when it was on go slow. great work it is.
    however when i reached the counter, i was told that the replacement will take 5 days.i inquired why not the 2 days written on posters and website,but the lady insisted its 5 days.somebody please correct me on this.

  10. Congrants you are doing a great job, i applied for my passport on 05.07.20 & on the seven day it was ready. Tracking number this is the way to vision 2010. keep up the good work.

  11. I was very impressed when i come to apply for a passport the other day – It took me less than 20 minutes. I used the tracking system to find out the status of my passport and after seven days it was ready for collection!!! keep up the good work.

  12. please notify me on the status of the above named passports through the email above,thanks in advance

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