Tracking status of ID application online – Ministry of State for Immigration and Registration of Persons, Kenya

Pre-requisites: The current serial No. of your waiting card

  1. Now go to:
  2. Enter the current serial No. of your waiting Card (the first 9 digits only)
  3. Click Submit

58 thoughts on “Tracking status of ID application online – Ministry of State for Immigration and Registration of Persons, Kenya

  1. the web not working. have tries several times. please do somethining. i need to know status of my son’s identity card , serial no. is 2357485593

  2. u ppl a jst disgusting,4 hw lng mst we wait 4 a ids,,,,,,i thot this ws 2b a digital gvnmt bt its worse than analogue!!! i cnt evn apply 4 helb loan nd i need the money 2 study!! am disapointed

  3. I have bee using the link but there as been no response could you please improve on this.

  4. Why don’t you clean up these old messages, isn’t anyone responsible or you don’t care? When does this link ever work???

  5. It works, the service has improved, I confirmed mine by this means and was told where to collect, I found it…..

  6. The link is rnot respondin and My id is now ready i was registered in wajir bor and now its not yet found in wajir bor yet serial no: 231103549 i want to u to help me

  7. The link is serving no purpose for which it was intended.Better do away with it or do something,this is not old Kenya where truth was very illusive.Make the link serviceable

  8. Your web-site is always down it is really frustrating,kindly service your web-site

  9. This thing does not work this days, stop enjoying kenyans, how many times now have I tried to no avail? use the site for other businesses if you cannot render the service in a way it can please people


  10. It was a good idea n an beautiful initiative.but cant u maintain di site 4 it to be always available n effective? Or else scrap it altogether.

    • I am not responsible for hosting government websites, I am just passing on information that is on public domain. Lest you forget read the disclaimer here.

  11. this link is not functioning, please provide a valid web link.
    i wantedto check my sis’ ID. her waiting is

  12. please i applied id thrice no feedback and a kenyan who has the right to id inorder to vote in the coming general election my serial no 224912786

  13. this is a right a right move towards the improvement of this service but the links dont work at all

  14. The system is rilly good . I have been checking the status of my ID and the responce has always been ‘it is being processed’ since Feb. 2012. I applied on 6/2/12, and i have remain being worried for taking such a span of time. Please notify me thro’ e-mail, whether it is rilly been processed and probably how long i stil have to wait since it has not been fair to me.( serial no. 2315685671) thanks in advance.

    • I need know my id cord is in the list registered group.but,if there is something wrong. And then,iwill repply anthere knew one.

  15. hi, my name is Abdirahman Mohamed Nur and i want to know the status of my id card and the serial no. is 2298432762

  16. I applied on may last year and not yet found where is it Pls checked for me kindly serial no is this 2290330187

  17. i’m one of citizens living in N.E.p of kenya,age 19yrs.As citizens we have problem with issuance of ID card.when u apply 4 it,its production take a long time more than a year,that is if you are realy the luckiest person but 4 others it doesn’t come.I here kindly request 4rom production team to steadfast in the production stage. Thanks in advance.
    By Abdi Mohamed Issack

  18. Then a time has come for the ministry to reconsider the promise they gave on a date sometimes back saying the materials had run short but now it is in their hands . why don’t you here the plead of poor Kenyans who wants to benefit a lot from the ID?am a student now in the second year of study, the fees are too high for me and i sometimes wish to call off the semester! this is because i cant apply for the HELB loan without an ID.The CIC also wants the Sim cards to be registered and they don’t consider our cries. so who are this people we are talking about?i wonder if u read this.and if you do so, why don’t you respond?

  19. Hi why do I send an SMS in three attempts with no response? How effective is this your service?

  20. Now a days the Ministry has lowered its services and we wonder where we are going, I.D. card is everything, and my I.D. has never been returned since I applied, I have been told so many and many times to wait, i need to go to school or apply for Forces but no I.D. The Ministry is denying me a job.

  21. Hey, do something about our IDs. I applied for mine in September 2009 and it’s not yet ready.

  22. Pls people are waiting since 25/11/010 to 1/3/011 no IDs but still under process . Why don’t you check on this?(so that TUJIFUNIE KUA WAKENYA).

  23. Pls there are those who have applied IDs so to enable them get birth/certificate.The period to register the exam is clocking pls assist these children to make their future. Another thing pls people of manyatta are waiting for too long to be given the IDs. Pls check this.

  24. having applied my id card on 10-august-2010 in meru registration centre in meru town i was told 2 check after 2 months ,i now wonder if i was told 2 months or 2years its 6 months now ,so i have a 1,1;2years more 2 wait for.yet i see every day the goverment spokesman saying that we should be proud 2 be kenyans that is nonses tupatieni id zetu or else tutaendea zetu uganda au tanzania,.serikali,serikali should we c0nsult with u for our ids .how long shall we suffer how long ,.

  25. something need to be done. the government should realize that one can virtually not do anything without an id! even a simple process like an mpesa transaction. we complain aabout petty issues of ppl being tapped but u are quiet about this id crisis! those busy bodies…the likes of kwalwale and the odm and pnu backbenchers,…if u want to prove your worth…raise this matter in parliament asap! enough said!

  26. You guys are just not realistic… over 6 months since applying for IDs and they are not yet ready… WE NEED OUR IDs. PERIOD. WE DON’T CARE WHAT ISSUES N DIFFERENCES U GAT. PLEASE.

  27. The process is too slow. You’ll be to blame if KCSE candidates fail to be registered due to lack of national ID. Five month too long a wait yet it is still being processed!

  28. There is complete lack of accountability in the ministry this being clearly evidenced by the fact that the links to check status for your ID are always dead, I even wonder why the fuck they’ve put them there.The problem is tht a senior govt official is blocking the issuance of the tender for printing third generation IDs for personal reasons. How can one perosn hold over 800,000 people ransom yet I think there is the rule of the law with the promulgation of the new constitution? Let that person be punished for causing frustration to a million Kenyans, he’s now publicly known and has even been indicted in Ocampo’s list

  29. For over six months Kenyans are suffering due to unnecesary delayance of IDs! What is going on? can someone please shade some light? Are we still living in the dark Nyayo days? please release our identity cards.

  30. This is a good initiative by the goverment but the problem is most of the time the site is unavailable thus hampering the tracking efforts of individual kenyans

  31. Checking the status of id and passport online is good and helps alot.but your links is not available most of the time.please improve on that,thank u.

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