Reporting corruption to KACC online anonymously (Kenya Anti-Corruption Authority)

  • Now follow the following 4-part steps:
  1. First you are asked to read information on protecting your anonymity and to respond to a confirmation prompt.
  2. On the next page you are asked for the topic of your report.
  3. On the reporting page, phrase your information in your own words and select answers to questions about the case. You may use up to 4,096 characters in the free-text field, which corresponds to a full DIN A4 page. You may also attach small files up to 2 MB to support your report. Keep in mind that electronic documents may contain information about the author. After you send your report, you will receive a document number as proof that you have sent this report to KACC.
  4. Set up your own, anonymous postbox. You will receive feedback from KACC, answer questions and be notified about the progress of your report via this postbox.

If you already have an anonymous postbox, you can reach this postbox directly via the “Login” button. Here as well, you must first respond to the confirmation prompt.


6 thoughts on “Reporting corruption to KACC online anonymously (Kenya Anti-Corruption Authority)

    Am writitng to report the faking of professional Diploma Certicates/other documents purported to have been issued by The Kenya Polytechnic by two employees of Parliamentary Service Commission which they have used to secure employment at Parliament in the Printing Unit. Iwould urge KACA to follow this matter and unearth the cartels urgenctly becuase we potential guinine people who deserve this position:
    All these documents are in their personal files in the registry.

  2. i appreciate for the good work being done to kenyans on the fight against corruption.thank you.however,there’s a place i.e.KMTC Murang’a where this vice is still deep rooted.There’s so much nepotism being practised by the principal herself to a point of even hurting the customers who in this case stand to be the students.everyone working there has to be related to her in some fact,the accountant there doesn’t even know what’s a balance sheet.on following her roots,she has never seen the door of an accounting college.i think she must be a puppet to the big lady-Joyce Kwendeka so that they can get away with all they pocket.this is pathetic and can’t be overlooked.the students are calling for mass action but silently because of the weapon used to silence them i.e. expulsion.please do sth as fast as possible so that we can make Kenya a better hub.

  3. Congratulations for your brave fight against the evil called corruption that has plagued our country for many years thus hindering meaningful development. You have given our beloved country a new lease of life. God bless you abundantly and may He continue to energize you as you embark in this bold and risky endeavor that is worth the while.

    Please investigate the following two issues in the Ministry of Fisheries Development:

    1. The whereabouts of the millions of cash allocated for the purchase of Compactors and Fish nets under the Economic Stimulus programme.

    2. The corruption in the allocation of Baggage refund for the officers who are posted to various stations in the republic. The junior officers never get the money as it ends up in the pockets of fat cats. Many years after applying for the same the officers who try to follow up their refund are always met with the same response, “There was no money allocated in that account during this financial year!”
    Though the ministry is one of those which benefited from the E.S.P Programme junior officers are not facilitated to carry out the programme as the money seems to be finding it’s way to a bottomless pit somewhere along the way.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Charles Muya Kiugi
    (Concerned Citizen)

  4. I’ve just had a very disturbing story regarding some IDPs in Kasuku IDP camp in Ol-Kalou. These are the 85 IDPs who were in the news for having resolved to walk from Molo to Ol-Kalou. The chairman of that group in collaboration with the area chief has been selling the government and government relief food leaving them to starve. The chairman, a Mr. Waweru is also said to be in the process of evicting five of the IDPs from the land allocated to them allegedly to replace them with his own people. Please investigate soonest possible to alleviate their suffering. Thank you.

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