Paying your Electricity Bill (Postpaid) with M-Pesa (Safaricom)

  1. Select “Pay Bill” form Mpesa menu
  2. Go To PAYMENT SERVICES option
  3. Enter KPLC Business No. 888 888
  4. Enter Full KPLC A/c No. e.g. 123456-01
  5. Enter the amount you wish to pay (Between KES100 & 35,000)
  6. Enter Mpesa pin
  7. Confirm that all details are correct & Ok
  8. You will Receive a confirmation of the transaction via SMS

Please note that it takes 48 hours for KPLC to update your account.



42 thoughts on “Paying your Electricity Bill (Postpaid) with M-Pesa (Safaricom)

  1. Hey,
    Thanks so much for the info bt the prepaid kplc account number is 888880 and not 888888.
    Pls take note of tht.

  2. this system for kplc seems to have issues. I sent to the wrong account by mistake, only to still be charged for that transaction even after i received a message from kplc that he account number is invalid.
    The system should have first authenticated whether the account number exists before proceeding to charge. Who designed this system????

  3. Thanks for this information which KPLC do not even have on their website. However could you also include the service charges?

  4. you saved me big time,,,,,thanks a bunch..and a big Shame to KPLC for not having this very useful piece of information…

  5. I dont get the notification(s) after the 28/48hr. But there is no cause of alarm, the payment has always been reflected in the next bill. Is there any another MPESA notification apart from the sms that acknowledges money sent to kplc for acc # ??? I usually get that sms almost immediately and I dont wait for any other. I’ve been paying for the last 4 months; So far so good…

  6. Hi,
    i paid my elec bill early last month and nothing changed so far. i have checked the current bill and its PLUS the previous one. am asking “IS THIS THING RELIABLE” if its not pliz remove it completely you are disappointing us. I THINK I SHOULD NEVER TRY IT AGAIN.

  7. I paid my bill four days ago through Mpesa n my account is not updated upto today. Kindly help its in arrears n i dont know who to blame.

  8. hi
    I paid my bill two weeks ago 1400 ksh up to now nothing has reflected whom a my supposed to conduct for the delay pliz help

  9. KPLC,kindly when we pay our electricity bill via MPESA be updating immediately rather than a day or two,it’s easier this will improve your services.

  10. ..not that bad BUT 48 hrs is too much, i hope it would take atleast 24 hrs or less, i would use it instead since right now i pay at uchumi its quicker(2 mins) and sure.

    • Try Uchumi and you will double thank. 2 minutes and you’l be out as if you were buying an orbit PK.

  11. 48hrs is too much, pliz shorten the update hours, otherwise paying bills via mpesa is a good idea it saves time and money wasted on fare, God bless the inventor.heco

  12. well done KPLC.Heko!!! i did not know how efficient you were until a colleague of mine told me i didnt have to go an que to pay. just mpesa them and it will b effected in 24hrs

    • why is it that mine has taken abt a month and nothing has changed yet, AM TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED……..

  13. Now power cuts are no more. Everything has been made easy and kudos this website for such crucial info.

  14. The M Pesa pay bill was handy at first untill i realised that you guyz dont update all transactions!!! My bill still reads in arrears since 9th of April 2010 yet ive made 2 payments through M Pesa since then… what do you expect me to do wait for your grounds men to come cut my supply so i show them the m pesa feed backs n start an ugy n slow process? Honestly if you cant keep up with the m pesa billing kindly let your customers know that its unhealthy to use it!!!

  15. Thanks, atleast now i can pay my family’s electric bills from the UK via mpesa.

  16. Kudos guys keep up the good job.Let sleeping dogs lye safcom is already being passed by the other mobile operators as for kenya power very soon darkness will loom upon them when a competitor enters the market

  17. i am happy i looked for this bill payment thro’ mpesa all over without success until i got your website. heko

  18. Hey, I purchased some units via MPESA the other day (Sunday Feb 21st) and its now 3 days later (Wednesday Feb 24th) and still havent received the units yet. What the hell is going on? Do you have a number for the PRE – PAID customers that I can call for help.



  19. Shame on KPLC, they did not even know this was necessary. But why do they take 48 hours to update my account

  20. No information on Safaricom Site and KPLC site on how to top up prepaid account with MPesa. What a pity

  21. This is really helpful, I needed information and KPLC and safaricom had nothing on their websites…. I have bookmarked the page as a very useful link. Keep up the good work

  22. This is extremely helpful. Kplc and Safcom are sound asleep. Neither of their websites have this despite being the beneficiaries.

    Keep it up!

  23. When buying power units via mpesa for the prepaid, the business number is 888880, why dont u tell us!

  24. The customer care in KPLC is insensitive, I think you guys will really take long to become an efficient service provider. They operate as a 19 centuary outfit! pull up or monopoly will disappear with you

  25. Can you imagine the KPLC website (shame on them) did not have this one? Your post helped me tremendously. Keep it up.

    I shall bookmark this.

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