Getting your Electricity bill via email (KPLC)

E-bill registration service allows you to receive automatic monthly bill updates via email, when your bill is processed. All you need is to register.
Registration pre-requisites:

  • KPLC A/c number
  • National ID
  • An email address

The simple steps are:

  1. Open an email message
  2. Type R, followed by the first part of your account number followed by # then ID No. in the subject field e.g. R123456#1234565
  3. Send this to

19 thoughts on “Getting your Electricity bill via email (KPLC)

  1. I enrolled to email billing when it was very new. I only received 2 bills only, n that’s all. my account is number 2242071-01 under Susan Wairimu. since then, I’ ve been using sms, but of late not functional. where do I turn to for help now?

    murithi wa Coro

  2. Please kplc it my suprise that i came to you last year June 2010, complening about overning of my meter kplc account number 0167176-02. And iwas instructed to pay Ksh 40.00 (check meter) up to now ihavent seen such activities taking place. Yet theres is no hevy equipment that being used to my house, why is the bill so high. please peruse my request and let the meter be rectify.

  3. ive just registred for the service,
    im hoping at least i get a response, if at all. why do you need the ID number? does it mean i have to be the account owner? if so then the system does not work for tenants.
    this is a good service, im hoping the respose is better than the SMS service which says my account is in arrears since feb 2007. that is soooo last constitution ??? aaaiii is kplc serious at all? wer is 2011. can somebody wake kplc up???

  4. Why are we getting December bills in arrears with November and yet most of us we paid our bills.Can KPLC explain to us what is going on.And to make matters worse, when we call customer care we are told to check the problem at the headquarters.Its not our problem but its KPlC problem by not updating their data in time,can Kplc sort us out please because we are suffering.


  5. How many units are there in Ksh. 1,000? I bought units for 1000 and they gave me 30 units…and my neighbor bought for the same price and it was 74 units… Did this lady(kplc) from uchumi Mombasa road steal from me?

  6. my account number is 234868-03 and the bills are crazy.last month my bill was ksh 4415 yet theres no equipment that i have changed in my hse,why is the bill so high yet am used to pay ksh 15oo at most. Any problem with the meter?

  7. Hi have send my request but i have not recieved the reply concerning getting my bill thro mail please respond

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