How to get Kenya Power planned outages/shutdowns alerts via E-mail, Twitter or SMS PowerAlert service

The PowerAlert service consolidates all planned outages/shutdowns in a single portal for customers to effectively plan their daily activities and help minimise inconveniences that may be caused. You will be required to sign in using your Google, Facebook or Twitter account to enjoy the service.

PowerAlert is a location based outage notification service for Kenya Power. Once you sign up, you can subscribe/monitor certain locations, for example ‘South C’. When a scheduled outage is detected in any of your locations, you will be notified via E-mail, Twitter or SMS.

Here are the 2 steps to activate the services:

Step 1​: Sign up

kp1​Go to

​Sign Up with either your Google or Twitter Account. We do not store your password on our servers, we will only know your e-mail or twitter handle.

Step 2​: Choose alerts/notification delivery mode​

kp2Add to locations whose power outages you wish to monitor. These can be your home, office, parents home etc.

Once a scheduled outage is scheduled you will receive a notification either on E-mail, Twitter or SMS.


Registering a company in Kenya (within 1 day)

  • On your mobile phone dial *271#
  • A menu pops up with various services & options to choose from (depending on the service required).
    • Services include the Companies Registry, Registrar of Marriages and Registrar of Societies.
  • The users can then pay for all registration services from the companies’ registry via mobile money transfer services such as M-Pesa.

Read more at:

Register your Marriage, Company, Society (Group) on a mobile phone

On your mobile phone just dial *271#  and you will be able to:
1)Register your Marriage
2) Register your Society (group)
3) Register your company
4) Name Search


How to fix DStv Error E016-0 – Service is currently scrambled


DStv E016-0 – Service is currently scrambled.

Simply SMS the word “RESET” “smartcard number” to 22788


3 Tips to Help Manage Privacy on Facebook

1. Check out who can see your past posts—and limit the audience if you’re not comfortable with anything.
You can review the audience for your past posts in your activity log. To quickly limit the audience of old posts to Friends, visit your privacy settings.

2. Consider who you’re sharing with today. Each time you post a new photo, status update, link or other content, you get to set the privacy for it. Just look for the audience selector:

If you want to:

  • Share big ideas for anyone in the world, set the post to Public.
  • Reserve personal pictures for the people you know the best, set the post to Friends, Close Friends or Custom.
  • Share something with someone specific, you can also send it as a message instead of posting it.

3. To review or change who can see your stuff, any time, visit your privacy shortcuts. Just click the lock at the top of any page of Facebook.
SOURCE: The Facebook Team

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